Level 80 Orc Blood Death Knight

  Zuggzug is a recent leveling focus of mine. I admittedly held off on spending much time on her for some time with the WotLK Death Knight baby boom, but when I did finally pick her up, I enjoyed it.

  She was Unholy for all of the questing chain in Plaguelands; once I got back into her for Outlands, I respecced into Blood and it has been a joy. Things die REALLY fast, and she self-heals enough through combat that I can more or less chain pull everything. I like that ranged mobs become melee mobs with DKs, either via Death Grip or Strangulate, as this makes a lot of the more problematic areas of trash / quest pulling rather trivial. It’s additionally nice that I can flip a switch to Frost Presence and easily manage most elites when the need arises.

  The unfortunate side effect of leveling a DK is that acquiring AH items to improve your gear is more or less a joke. What’s available is stupidly overpriced (120+ gold for “of the Beast” greens on my server), and the selection is limited; basically, you either get it from questing or lucky world drop.

  I made Zuggzug an Orc female. Part of the rationale for this was due to my limited number of Orcs in the stable (only Inyaki, previously) and also the help balance out my gender count (currently, 6 male, 4 female). There are two great side effects as well: #1, a lot of the Orc racials are very conducive to DKs (a fact I did not really think of until after I made her), and #2, the Orc female laugh is absolutely priceless. I dunno why, but it never gets old to me.

  I should also note, I was more or less shocked that I could get a name like that for her. When I was thinking of names for her and my bank alt (Troll male), I was trying to come up with stuff that was tied to in-game familiarities with the races. The Troll wound up being named “Tazagachoo”, which I picked off Jan’Alai in Zul’Aman – and I considered making him the DK at one point. Orcs can’t be Priests, though, and I still needed one of them – so Zuggzug the Death Knight, and Tazagachoo the Priest would be the last two toons to round out my 10.


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