Level 80 Undead Demonology Warlock

  Ahh, Noobz. Second character that I ever made. She was initially slated to be my Tailor (“made by Noobz”, heh heh)/ Enchanter toon and (somewhere along the line) I decided that Warlocks are darn fun to play! Noobz was actually my 5th character to hit 70, right after Hiltzaile. I was originally thinking that I’d level her 60-70 solely on instancing, but it just got to be too much of a hassle to try and do it, so I gave up on that. Compounding the issue, her Enchanting skills were far outstripping the available recipes after awhile and it really necessitated a need to bring her up to speed.

  Noobz levelled in tandem with my wife’s Shaman until 60; I traded out for Toro at that point. She came up Destruction, though, and it’s a spec I really enjoy. From 60-70, I switched her over to Demonology because pets=hax for levelling solo – and Voidy just doesn’t quite cut it. Once I’d dinged 70, I tried out Affliction for a Kara run, hated it, and went back to the ol’ Destro build until Wrath of the Lich King forces me back to Demonology for 10 levels.

  One of the downsides to having as many characters as I do that get regular playtime is, you sometimes miss out on learning all of the intricacies of a particular class. It’s easy to get the “CoE – Corruption – Siphon Life – Immolate – Shadowbolt – Shadowbolt – Shadowbolt – repeat” rotation down. Knowing when to drop the little stuff, though, like “Detect Invisibility” or Managing a Fear via Curse of Recklessness? That’s taken some time to get used to. I think it’s particularly relevant for Warlocks, because (to me at least) properly playing the class is an intricate dance. Learning how to properly balance DOTs, drains, aggro and crowd controls requires a lot of time and patience… and probably more than a few deaths that you can write off to the “learning curve”.

  I’ll admit, I’m still kind of a hack in this regard. If I had more refined play skills, this would be a great mob-grinding toon. As it is, she’s turning into a pretty nice raid DPS machine, and I’m happy with that.

  In WotLK, Noobz is a fairly secondary project for leveling. When I do focus into some grinding for her, it’s fast and easy – it’s just that I have other projects that I’m more concerned with leveling than her, presently. One very nice thing about the mechanics for her professions in the expansion, though, is that I’ve been able to acquire nearly all of the available recipes for them despite infrequent instancing / questing. She’ll probably be #5-6 to 80 or so.




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