Level 80 Tauren Restoration Shaman

  My most used character lately. To start with, my guild has a lot of cheese-themed characters. Gorgonzola, Headcheese, Romano and Roquefort, for instance. As Manchego is Spain’s most famous cheese (and available!), I decided that I should make a cheese toon too. I’ve been working hard to level her recently because I don’t have a dedicated healer among my toons. 

  It’s kind of odd that, after 20 months or so of WoW I’d never levelled a Shaman prior to this. Part of it was, I always had one around. My wife’s main is (was?) a Shaman, and a good friend on the server levelled a Shaman as his main as well… so, I’ve always sort of had that “pocket Shammy” around and didn’t feel the need to be redundant. I had also held onto her for a while as a sort of “funtime” project, something for a rainy day to powerlevel once I’d grown a bit weary of my stable of 70’s (80s?), just to see how fast I could do it. For the record, I consider myself to be a very good PvE / Levelling player, an above average Raider, and a horrendous PvP player, so the “Me vs. 1-70” thing is something that I enjoy in a perverse way.

  Manchego is currently in pretty heavy rotation for usage as a healer for me. I like using Ribeye as a healer too, but I’ve been very pleased with the results so far with her. I need to focus a little more on raw MP5 for longevity, but so far she’s been a champion. True, it’s simplistic enough to more or less spam Chain Heal, but I’ve really felt effective with her. Additionally, she’s been my priority choice for high end raiding lately as well, as I really feel like she can make a meaningful contribution to a raid.

  Recently, I’ve been using her in a lot of roles. Depending on raid composition, she runs as either a healer or elemental. I still truly view her as a healer (my T7 token turnins reflect as much), but the burst damage + mana regeneration from elemental has been marvellously economical for soloing. I’m building more and more towards the dual-use utility for her so that she can be effective in either spec. Presently, she’s my most used, and best geared character.




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