Level 80 Orc Protection Warrior

  Once upon a time, Inyaki was slated as my eventual tank. Somewhere along the line, I decided that I wanted to twink him… and then he pretty much rotted for a year.

  In theory, he could have been a great twink. He had a mountain of HP and dealt some good damage. The problem is, I wasn’t really very good with Warrior button-pushing, and I hate PvP. So, I had an absolutely awesome toon that I’d spent a fair amount of money on (a reasonably sane amount, actually – I bought all of his gear before the market went nuts), but I couldn’t play and enjoy. 

  Now, I’ve decided to level him. This was based on a multitude of factors, but the overriding thing for me was that he was substantially levelled in – but not yet specialized within – Blacksmithing. In my original slotting of professions, Inyaki is the Blacksmith. I’ve got him to 300 at present (edit: he’s up to 440+ now thanks to the leveling grind), and that’s just too much of an investment to cast aside. I’m not sure what lean I’ll give him come WotLK, but likely towards Armorsmithing – if anything.

  I’m impressed enough with the Warrior tanks that I’ve run with that I think eventually, Inyaki and Eusko will be my primary tanking selections for most content. At present, Eusko has a commanding lead over him in terms of gear, though I hope to see that gap narrow to the point where the two are more or less interchangable.

  Oh, and one last thing – he’s named after my Brother-in-law, albeit with a slightly different spelling. Iñaki (the version used by my Brother-in-law) is more or less the Basque variant for “John”.




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