Level 80 Blood Elf Combat Daggers Rogue

  Hiltzaile was another part of my grand expansion. She was designed with a theme in mind – sexy and deadly. When I was parcelling out professions, she got slotted as the Engineer. My rationale was twofold on that: with the ability to Vanish, she could potentially be a wipe-saver with some Jumper Cables, and the array of gadgetry afforded to an Engineer would help to augment her dirty Rogue tricks. To each end, it has worked out well, but I never would have guessed that a third Engineering benefit would ultimately prove to be greater than those two. Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, I love you.

  Currently, Hiltz is my primary gathering toon. Her ability to mine ores and motes alone is enough to warrant that; her rapid killing ability cements it. Hiltz was the second of my toons to receive Epic Flight, a decision that has more than paid for itself at this point. As it turns out, she has been perfect for the task. Little things that I didn’t consider at inception, like the ability to stealth deep into an Ogre cave, then kill one or two of the brutes before mining their nodes and leaving, have really tightened up my efficiency. I’ve recently started pickpocketing more with the revelation that it *may* one day lead to my acquiring Spinesever (in a related story, I *may* someday win the lottery)… but the boon to pickpocketing has been the surprising amount of Blue Gems that I’ve managed to nick. All in all, she’s easily worth a couple hundred gold per hour when I’m farming, and most of the time I don’t have to kill more than about two dozen mobs in that span.

  From a raiding standpoint, she’s starting to hit her stride. Though a few drops have eluded me so far, I’ve been able to glean enough from Kara / Gruul to get her sufficiently geared up that she’s not a liability. Now, it’s more a manner of improving my damage rotation and learning how to best maximize my DPS. I’ve got a lot to learn about playing Rogues, though; my overall DPS output is noticably behind that of similarly geared toons used by people who are more familiar with the class. Hiltz is really more of a solo / 5-man kind of toon for me right now, but I’d like to see her develop into a solid melee DPS raiding option.

  In case you happen to be wondering, “Hiltzaile” is a name that I got from the Basque language. My wife is from the Basque portion of Spain, so I have borrowed from those two languages (Basque and Spanish) on a few toons. Also, it’s pronounced “ill-CHAI-lay”, and it means “Assassin”. Some friggin Night Elf pilfered it for his own after I had made her, but she was the first of her kind in the Armory! )




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