Level 80 Blood Elf Protection Paladin



  Euskogudari (mostly, just “Eusko”) is the slowest leveller I’ve had to date. He’s a Paladin, which dooms me to slowness by default, and I’ve gone and compounded the issue by being full Prot with him – so, I’m to blame. I could probably have made him a RetNoob to speed it up, but my ultimate slot for him is as a tank, so it was better to learn it and get familiar. 

  Eusko used to be my banker for a long time, though now that he’s a viable tank I’ve switched that role off to a dedicated bank alt. With Ribeye’s reduced tanking abilities after the 3.0.2 patch, he’s taking over my primary tank position, so he’s seeing more and more use. That, and I’m sick of watching all the plate drops go unrequited.

  Eusko (the full name means “Basque Warrior”, or something along those lines) really is a good tank for anything approximating his level when he plays. He’s currently slotted as my Inscriber, and also with Skinning. I think the problem with him, and what’s holding me back from using him more is, despite the fun that I experience in using him as a tank, I really don’t enjoy the levelling grind on him at all. 

  I’m looking forward to getting him to 80 and tanking more; there is a lot that I need to learn (or, re-learn) to be effective, but I’m pretty pleased with the state of Paladin tanking now. Outside of a few select fights (Patchwerk 25, for instance), the class is proving to be very viable and stable in my experience. I’m guessing that Eusko winds up getting a lot more 5-man heroic action than raiding, but once he gets his gear together he should make for some rapid instance running. I’m sure that I’ll be playing him a lot more once the leveling grind is done!




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