Level 71 Tauren Beast Mastery Hunter (accompanied by ChompyChompy)

  Eltorogrande (or, more frequently just “Eltoro”, or “Toro” if you’re into the whole brevity thing) was my first toon, first 70, and my main until Ribeye really started to shine. These days, he rarely does much of anything besides craft or skin.

  Like a lot of first-time players do, I rolled a Hunter for my first. The rationale went something like this: 1) decent armor 2) gets a pet 3) can use most all weapons … sounds great! I’ll admit, for a new player, Hunters are a nice class. The basics are very easy to learn, and it’s not long before you’re able to snuff critters several levels above you with only marginal gear or skills. Much like the Warlock, though, there are those darn “finer points” that need to be learned if you ever want to be anything more than a solo grinder. I didn’t learn most of these until well into my WoW career… 😀

  Toro fills the Skinning / Leatherworking niche in my WoW Sweatshop. As of this writing, he’s the only one of my level 70 toons that skins, which has kind of kept this asset in the foreground. Still, with all of the others that I have, he hasn’t received much playtime anymore. Some days, I’ll log on with him and people will say “oh, hey! Where have you been?” Well, I’ve been on a lot… just not on poor ol’ Toro.

  In an effort to make him more servicable, I invested a pretty good sum of cash + farming to make some nice BoEs for him; the one Kara run he was on with my Guild, he actually profitted nicely from as well with 3 good drops… and then I took him over to Survival. We have several Hunters in our Guild – several good Hunters – but none are Survival specced. I switched him over in the interest of adding to raid DPS, particularly in the 25-mans, via “Expose Weakness”. I’m also helping to cover up a glaring weakness, which is his low ‘+hit’ number, partially compensated by Survival talents… though I’m sure that I’ll be able to gear him out of that fairly rapidly if I can get him involved with a few raids.

  Now that I’m into the expansion grind, he’s specced into Beast Mastery – a spec I’m not altogether fond of – for the leveling grind. My problem is, i never really get around to leveling him. He’s done a few quests here and there, but I’m just not feeling it with the Hunter these days.

  Toro’s pet has been ChompyChompy since about level 30. Chompy is Takk the Leaper, former Barrens uber-pet in the days before all the pets got normalized. I love Chompy, he’s my boy. I’m not going to change him out, ever. Yeah, I have a Scorpion that I’m working on for a raiding pet (mostly, I hate to see Chompy die!), and I’ll probably tame a Devilsaur and name it ChompZilla or something… but Chompy is so much a part of Toro, I just can’t see him any other way. If there were really something drastically, amazingly different about all of the pets I might change my mind, but they’re all so close to the same that it’s not worth it to let my compadre go. ❤ ChompyChompy.




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