Level 71 Undead Frost Mage

  Bubba was my second 70. Initially created as the Jewelcrafting toon of the bunch as part of the great expansion. I chose to make Bubba and Noobz both Forsaken, as I likely will with my Death Knight as well, because it just seemed fitting for their classes. I like the idea of corpses animated by an unearthly force and wielding magical powers. Rogues, Warriors, not so much – but casters fit for me.

  His name is an obvious homage to the Bruce Campbell movie of the same name, though I had to add the extra “P” on the end as it was already taken. There’s a lot of win in Bruce Campbell.

  Bubba languished around level 15-20 for a long while. Other alts were moving up to the 30’s and 40’s and really passing him by. I had found my initial playing with him to be frustrating, partially a result on my own needs to “lrn2mage” and partially from gear. As I got more and more experienced with the game, though, that helped to solve the first problem. The second was solved by wrath. Fiery wrath. I kind of hit upon the idea that a concentrated focus in adding some spell damage to him would really help his survivability. What I wound up with was a monster. A glass cannon in the truest sense, but a really, really fun leveller for the Azeroth part of things – though the greatly increased durability of Outlands mobs did curb that joy somewhat from 60-70.

  I bought every piece of “of Fiery Wrath” gear for him that I could. I stockpiled it in his bank for later levels, so that I wouldn’t have “too old” gear in use if possible. I enchanted it as best I could to give him at least a little bit of Mana. The result was 1-shot Pyroblast kills well into Un’Goro Crater, and no worse than Pyro-Fireball-Fire Blast on anything that wasn’t elite. Bubba mowed down everything, drank like a fish, and skated through levels after I switched my focus. There was even a point where I seriously considered working on him as my main.

  These days, he’s probably the worst-geared of my 70s, though. Bubba is capable of running Kara, and he’s been to Gruul’s Lair successfully as well… but he needs to get into a lot more Kara or Heroics if he’s to be viable as anything but a vending machine.

  What he has become valuable for is Jewelcrafting. With Hiltz mining the ore and him prospecting and cutting the results, I’ve got a good little operation going for myself. Though I’ve probably spent enough for epic riding training on the patterns he has, I can now cut just about every relevant blue gem with him (damn you, Teardrop Living Ruby).

  I think that he’s going to see a revival in Wrath of the Lich King, though. Mages used to be slotted as “Highest DPS, lowest Health” for raids. Now, they’re just “Good DPS, thanks for the Table and Sheep”. Wrath looks set to rebalance the class viability again,  and I think that he’s going to be seeing some raiding time. For now, though, he’s a project to be improved on.




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