I fixed my shield problem.

29 05 2009

  Lo and behold, when I got back from work last night and logged in to check the AH, what should I find but a tasty little nugget just ripe for the taking. Funny thing is, I wasn’t aware that it was BOE – lucky me.


  Of course, it set me back a little – 3750 gold, to be precise.

  Given that I won’t be replacing this until the next major content patch at the earliest, though, I figured that the expense was justified. As an added bonus, I can finally retire one of the silly BC trinkets that I was using to make the Def Cap (one to go!) and use Defender’s Code as a full-time piece now.

  Anyhow, it’s funny how things work out. I had yet to see that shield in the AH prior to last night, and the majority of the Ulduar-25 BOEs have been listing for outrageous amounts – usually 5000-9000. Add in the bonus that I get to incorporate some better gear, and it winds up that the whole Wall of Terror Incident wound up costing me $3750 to rectify – but it works out.

  The added fringe benefit is that this allows me to run someone other-than-Eusko through Naxx 25 next time if I choose, or at least cuts down the number of runs which he’ll need to get more or less geared. Now, I need to get down to the business of making back my investment money…




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