My Little Peanut Selected Speedy for Children’s Week.

9 05 2009

  My wife and I have called our baby Avery by the nickname  “Peanut” since a point very, very early in the pregnancy when we didn’t even know what gender the baby would be. Since it has been Children’s Week and all recently, I thought that I’d share a picture of our Peanut (yes, that was the pet of choice for all of my alts that didn’t have it yet!), who seems to be more in favor of Speedy the Turtle. You can’t really read it, but the t-shirt even says “Speedy”, with a little turtle on it to boot.

  …and yes, I’ve totally been saving this t-shirt in the closet for this event. Also, this is marvellously off-topic and I’m quite at peace with that!

Peanut and Speedy

Peanut and Speedy

 Oh, and another thing: yes, the blue thing in the background is part of a dinosaur that I painted on her wall. Little girls can like dinosaurs too, right? Of course!




2 responses

12 05 2009

Your lucky your baby is cute because Mr. Wiggles is where it is at!

But I wont hold that against her


14 05 2009

Aww. Hopefully her love of turtles will bring good luck on the sea turtle mount.

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