QQ and ye shall receive: 3.1.2 bringing big nerfs to Ulduar

1 05 2009

  You may or may not have read this on MMO Champion, but it looks like Blizz has figured out that Ulduar just might be a bit too overtuned for all but the tightest of guilds. Some of the changes that are proposed are making the hard modes harder – but most of them will be well received by the bulk of raiders. It looks like the net result will be an instance which is much more accessible, at least through the first half, to most guilds while retaining most of the difficulty on later fights.


Ignis the Furnace Master

  • Molten now deals 1885 to 2115 fire damage (down from 4713 to 5287 fire damage)
  • Scorch (10) ground effect now causes 1885 to 2115 fire damage every second to all enemies within 13 yards (down from 3770 to 4230)
  • Scorch (25) ground effect now causes 3016 to 3384 fire damage every second to all enemies within 13 yards (down from 6032 to 6768)
  • Flame Jets now silences targets for 6 seconds (down from 8 seconds)
  • Slag Pot (10) now deals 4500 fire damage every second for 10 sec (down from 5000 damage)
  • Slag Pot (25) now deals 6000 fire damage every second for 10 sec (down from 7500 damage)


  • Devouring Flame now inflicts 7863 to 9137 fire damage (down from 8788 to 10212 damage)

XT-002 Deconstructor

  • Tympanic Tantrum now deals 10% damage every second for 8 seconds (down from 12 seconds)
  • Searing Light now deals 2250 damage to all enemies within 8 yards (down from 2750 damage to all within 10 yards)
  • Gravity Bomb (10) now deals 11700 to 12300 damage to enemies within 12 yards (down from 17100 to 18900 damage and up from 10 yards)
  • Gravity Bomb (25) now deals 14625 to 15735 damage to enemies within 12 yards (down from 19000 to 21000 damage and up from 10 yards)
  • Heartbreak now increases damage by 40% and health by 150% (up from 35% damage and 45% health)

Iron Council

  • Overload (Stormcaller Brundir) range has been reduced from 30 to 20 yards.
  • Lightning Whirl (10) (Stormcaller Brundir) now deals 3770 to 4230 damage (down from 4713 to 5287 damage)
  • Lightning Whirl (25) (Stormcaller Brundir) now deals 5655 to 6345 damage (down from 7069 to 7931 damage)
  • Rune of Death (10) (Runemaster Molgeim) now deals 2750 shadow damage every half second (down from 3500 damage)
  • Rune of Death (25) (Runemaster Molgeim) now deals 3500 shadow damage every half second (down from 5000 damage)


  • Focused Eyebeam (10) now inflicts 2313 to 2687 nature damage (down from 2775 to 3225 damage)
  • Focused Eyebeam (25) now inflicts 3238 to 3762 nature damage (down from 4163 to 4837 damage)
  • Stone Grip Absorb (10) now absorbs 80,000 damage (down from 100,000)
  • Stone Grip Absorb (25) now absorbs 380,000 damage (down from 480,000)
  • Stone Grip (10) now deals 2925 to 3075 physical damage (down from 3700 to 4300 damage)
  • Stone Grip (25) now deals 3413 to 3587 physical damage (down from 5363 to 5637 damage)
  • Rumble now inflicts 3238 to 3862 physical damage to targets within 7 yards (down from 4625 to 5375 damage to targets within 10 yards)
  • Stone Nova now inflicts 5550 to 6450 physical damage (down from 7400 to 8600 damage)


  • Strength of the Pack now increases damage done by 30% (down from 50%)
  • Terrifying Screech now causes enemies to flee in horror for 3 seconds (down from 5 seconds)
  • Sonic Screech (10) now deals 60125 to 69875 physical damage (down from 74000 to 86000 damage)
  • Sonic Screech (25) now deals 190000 to 210000 physical damage (down from 231250 to 268750 damage)


  • Petrified Bark (Elder Stonebark) charges have been reduced from 80 to 60 in 10-man, from 220 to 120 in 25-man.
  • Stonebark’s Essence (Elder Stonebark) now increases physical damage dealt by Freya by 75% (up from 50%)
  • Brightleaf’s Essence (Elder Brightleaf) now increases magic damage dealt by Freya and her Allies of Nature by 60% (up from 50%)
  • Iron Roots now deals 7800 to 8200 nature damage every 2 seconds (up from 5850 to 6150 damage)
  • Tidal Wave (Ancient Water Spirit) now deals 10175 to 11825 nature damage (up from 7863 to 9137)
  • Pollinate now heals the Guardian Lasher for 15% (down from 25%)
  • Bind Life (10) (Misguided Nymph) now heals for 9250 to 10750 health every second (down from 13875 to 16125 health)
  • Bind Life (25) (Misguided Nymph) now heals for 13875 to 16125 health every second (down from 27750 to 32250 health)


  • Proximity Mines now deals 15000 fire damage (down from 25000 damage)
  • Emergency Mode (Hard Mode) now increases damage and health by 30% (up from 25%)

General Vezax

  • Shadow Crash – now reduces mana costs to spellcasters by 70% (old – reduced mana costs for everyone, possibly a wording change to clarify that it only affects mana and not rage / energy / etc)
  • Profound Darkness now inflicts 750 damage to all enemies, and increases shadow damage taken by 10% per application (up from 500 damage)


  • Cosmic Smash (10) now deals 41438 to 43562 fire damage (up from 35613 to 41387 damage)
  • Cosmic Smash (25) now deals 53625 to 56375 fire damage (up from 46250 to 53750 damage)
  • Black Hole Explosion now deals 16088 to 16912 shadow damage (up from 14725 to 16275 damage)
  • Quantum Strike now deals 34125 to 35875 physical damage (up from 23750 to 26250 damage)



  The good thing about this all, in my mind, is that it’s moving in the right direction. Regular difficulty encounters are being made slightly (or in some cases, greatly) easier. Hard modes are getting harder, which also helps ensure that they remain hard once your raid has nearly full-Ulduar gear. It’s far from making Ulduar into Naxx, to be sure. What it *is* doing, though, is opening up the first two regions to many more raiders than had been legitimately able to access them before. Some of this stuff is just well into mega-nerf territory. Consider:

  • Ignis’ damage is more or less cut in half, unless you’re his tank.
  • Tympanic Tantrum can’t kill you if you’re topped off when it starts.
  • Kologarn’s Right Arm is significantly easier to loose the grip on if a DPS happens to get caught up, and you could 3 healer it again if you wanted.
  • Proximity mines don’t one-shot non-tanks.

  Thats some serious reduction; I think it will make it more enjoyable, though. Fights are still going to require a lot of coordination and skill to do, but the threat of the one-shot boogeyman is less prevalent. While I believe that I would have eventually seen a Yogg-Saron kill in 10-man with the current mechanics, I was truly concerned for guilds that had a less experienced, or less populous raiding core. With all of this coming in, I think that will save more than a few guilds from being folded by Ulduar.

  Of course, the more hardcore raiders out there are probably pissed, but I think that the increased hard modes might help to sate them on that count. Besides, it’ll make your Ulduar runs go faster now – and who doesn’t love that?




3 responses

1 05 2009

Here here, it’s good to see that a lot more people will be able to enjoy the scenery of Ulduar, hopefully, myself included. I think this does resolve a lot more problems that just being able to complete the instance. Like less monopolising on items like Book of Glyph Mastery.
I think the developers are barking up the wrong tree with the game recently. It’s always been about it’s instant playability and not being over complicated, certainly fitting for the audience.

1 05 2009

I did raid two nights after those nerfs, and it feels just horrible. Where we would wipe on a single trash pack we can now accidently pull a second one without really noticing. While up to now most bosses needed a very well executed strategy, they now leave tons of room for errors. And that’s just post 3.1.1!

What I liked about Ulduar so far is, that very often if 3-4 raidmembers were dead you’d better reset the fight and try again. Like that, the 3-4 slackers, that died in the fire or healers that were asleep really had to improve their game. Now it’s zerging a boss to zero with half the raid dead again, especially when 3.1.2 will go live.

You really have to get to Mimiron to see a more or less challenging fight.

Even if I know that it is really the best thing for the game if a lot of raiders see the content, Ulduar getting nerfed that hard in such a short time really makes me a sad panda. This is not a little tuning and balancing, it’s just brutally cutting down most crucial boss abilites by 25-50%.

But after all, only time will tell how those nerfs will affect the game. The problem I see is that probably many hard modes will really be for good raiding guilds only. So Ulduar on normal mode is the only thing left for casual raiders, those guys who were complaining about Ulduar difficulty as soon it went live. I’m curious if casual raiders will still think Ulduar was hard enough some 2-3 months from now, with 3.2 still some months away and after weeks of practice on Ulduar bosses. Because for me, killing a hard boss just gives a better feeling than a nerfed boss.

Making Ulduar accessible for a lot of players – good. Bringing Ulduar down to a Naxxramas like experience – bad. Nerfing encounters so more people kill bosses – good. Doing that so extremly early in the lifetime of 3.1 – bad. Normal mode being not so hard and hard modes being really difficult – good. Widening the gap between the normal modes and hard modes more and more – bad.

1 05 2009

I don’t really raid much in LK at all but yes, this does seem kinda early for an raid nerf to me. I know several groups that have been progressing slowly yet regularly and even on week two had downed upwards of 8 bosses already.

Maybe it’s just me, but I do miss the days when CC was needed on things. And you had to think a little bit. It seemed then that players did better and played smarter.

It might not matter, I know it’s frustrating to wipe, but I also seem to have a higher tolerance for wiping than most people do. I was in a pug-ish Nxx this week and we wiped on four horsemen but because at least 1/2 of the people didn’t know the fight. When we wiped, suddenly there was all this respeccing, etc. I was like, let’s just try again, people didn’t know what to expect, now they do!

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