Yet More to 80…

28 04 2009

  One of these is a bit late – Eusko hit 80 a couple of weeks back – but the other is from this weekend. Noobz makes 5 of my toons to 80 now – halfway there! I still have 4 to go, not counting the bank alt, with an aggregate of 43 levels left between them.

Ding! Ding!

Ding! Ding!

  I’ve been remiss with gearing Noobz so far, just made the Ebonwave chest and hands, plus the 60-badge BOE bracers. It’ll come with time, though. I’m going to leave her Demo for the present for a couple of reasons – it allows me to fudge my gear a bit through the boosted spellpower from pet synergy, and I want to grind out the bulk of the Northrend quests with her for money, chanting mats and the tailoring pattern.

  Anyhow, Noobz will be a teritary focus now for gearing – still focused largely on Manch and Eusko – as I’d like to develop a ranged DPS outside of Manch’s Elemental spec and I honestly enjoy playing her. Nobody wants to group with Noobz though… hehe. Just kidding, she’ll be fine on that front.




3 responses

28 04 2009

You are a beast….


28 04 2009

gz x2! But, 60 badges is a looooong way.

28 04 2009

How many hours do you have /played on Euskogudari since you consider him your slowest leveler ?

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