I got a birthday present!

28 04 2009

Doing dailies on the 25th – my 34th birthday – and I had the Borean Tundra Bloodfin (or whatever) one. Cooking daily was Mustard Dogs too, so I plunked myself down, killed some rhinos for my cooking daily, and then went about fishing up the Bloodfin for the fishing daily; after I caught my 5, I started to fly out, saw node of Musselback Sculpin and decided to fish it for no apparent reason. What should happen on my second cast, but a birthday present from the RNG!

Yay, Turtle!

Yay, Turtle!

  I could care less how slow it is on land, this was pure awesome.




2 responses

28 04 2009

Wow….RNG treated you good on your bday? Crazy

I call hacks

29 04 2009

My birthday is tomorrow…guess I should go fishing!!


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