Ulduar Loot Lists

24 04 2009

  It’s still kind of preliminary, I believe, and I would fully expect to see items added to this listing over time as they either are discovered or placed into the database.

  However, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been jonesing to see what kind of stuff is out there for your class and spec, and exactly how it stacks up. One of the websites that I use – it is very similar to sites like Lootrank, except that I can view it through the filters at work – has updated their loot lists now to reflect Ulduar drops.

  The website is HERE.

  Now, a note about using it (if you have never used a site like this before). When ranking stat values, bear in mind that it is calculating each point of a given stat into the absolute value. You must assign your points in appropriate ratios to avoid ridiculously skewed numbers. For instance, as a Tank if you assign a value of 1 point to each of Stamina, Armor, Parry and Dodge, you will have a bad result. That’s because each point of armor will get the same value as each other stat – so you’ll get nothing but the raw +armor pieces dotting the list, be it DPS plate or Tank plate. All you have to do to rectify this is weight high budget items (like armor) with very low numbers, while using low budget stats (such as MP5 or Expertise) in the converse manner and rating them higher.

  Here’s an example from some of the stats that I use when weighting Resto Shaman gear. I weight Critical Strike at a “1.25”, Spellpower at a “1.7” and MP5 at a “4.25”. Now, consider two pieces:


  First, I should say that there are several other stats – but I’m keeping this simple. For the sake of argument, let’s put a Royal Twilight Opal – 9 Spellpower, 3 MP5 – into the gem slot to activate the socket bonus. That means you get these weights:

  • Atonement Greaves: 0 crit value, 149.6 Spellpower and 93.5 MP5 value for a total of 243.1
  • Eruption-Scarred Boots: 52.5 crit value, 156.4 Spellpower and 12.75 MP5 value for a total of 221.65.

  Of course, there are other numbers that will come into the equation as well, such as haste and stamina; however, despite both being very good pieces, you can see that the numbers are bearing out well in favor of the Atonement Greaves for a Resto build – as they should. Now, if I adjust the MP5 number down to a “2”, my stat weights become imbalanced. The same calculation now shows a score of 193.6 for the Atonement Greaves and 214.9 for the Eruption-Scarred Boots; while our common sense still tells us the correct answer, the stat weights are displaying incorrectly and thus results aren’t showing up like they should. Therefore, you can see the importance of carefully assigning your stat points to the items to achieve a proper end. While a 4.25 value for MP5 may seem grossly overrepresentative compared to 1.7 Spellpower, the larger absolute number present for Spellpower more than overcomes that and thus slots MP5 as a more secondary target – but not too low on the list as to be exclusive.

  Finally, you can work to exclude undesirable pieces from the tables by assigning negative values. As an example, Spirit sucks for a Shaman. In my rankings, I assign a large negative number (I use -4 in my weights) to downgrade all pieces that have that in the item budget. Similarly, I do this with attack power when trying to locate mail pieces, as the +hit, crit, haste and intellect numbers can populate these when they are in fact outside of the desirable sphere. So (as an example), if you want to exclude PvP gear from the rankings, simply assign a -10 to resilience values, or similar.

  At any rate, the lists are out there – browse and enjoy!




One response

24 04 2009

Good site! I’m still using lootrank but this item comparison site seems to load pretty fast and has a nice clean layout.

Now I looked over your stat weights, and those are excellent numbers for a resto shaman pretty new to raiding. A lot of resto shamans, including yourself, are at a different gear level though and should shift their stat weights greatly into the direction of throughput.

If you compare two pieces of loot, once should always equip the one offering more throughput (SP, haste and crit to some extent) IF this choice won’t push him to run out of mana in a boss fight.

There is no linear relation between SP and mana conservation stats (mp5/INT and crit to some extent), so you don’t need tons of INT and mp5 as those stat weights might suggest.

More haste on the other hand lets you cast more spells in the same time, so additional mana regen is not a bad idea. And of course 4pcT8 will be mana hungry.

I like to think of INT and MP5 as stats we can “cap” for every boss fight, if we end the encounter with around 20% mana left after mana tide and mana pot, that is not so bad. On the other hand it makes absolutely no sense to finish every encounter with > 50% mana, this might be a good time to drop some INT/mp5. Of course never sell those regen stats heavy pieces, you will need them for very mana intensive fights (=lots of cast per x amount of time, e.g. a fight with heavy raid damage but not much movement involved).

SP and haste on the other hand can be stacked ad infinitum. Crit is half throughput half mana regen stat and of course a good choice for single target healing. The shaman_hep program (available on curse), that will calculate stat weights based on your combat log even values crit higher than haste for many logs, I’d still value haste over crit in any case (casting more chainheals > random crits that might lead to a lot of overheal.

The stat weights I used for T7 content were:

INT=7, SP=7, MP5=10, Haste=4, Crit=3

Of course in Naxxramas mana was never an issue, in Ulduar it is. But I wouldn’t rate mp5 and INT too high anyways.

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