Patch 3.1 Going Live?

14 04 2009

According to this Blue Post, it might be tonight. Here I was, thinking that there would be another week or maybe even two before it drops – and I still kind of hope that’s the case – but we might be on the eve of it all here.

Myself, I’ve certainly reached the point where the current content is more or less mastered. I haven’t downed Sarth with 3 Drakes yet, and Malygos is still a PITA on a regular basis – but it’s to the point where these fights are won, every week. This last week, I was able to collect the maximum number of heroic badges by clearing Naxx 25, VoA, OS and Maly. It’s more or less on farm – I don’t even feel guilty anymore about not using flasks when I heal, since my gear is more than adequate for content.

  So why do I want it to stay status quo for a week or two? Mostly, it’s because I still have some unfinished business. 8 times Manch has been there for a kill on KT-25, and he’s now dropped every item on his loot table except my goddamned mace. It’s even funnier because I’ve had a flag on this one since the first kill that the mace was tagged as my one “Priority Loot” piece for the instance, so I’m guaranteed to get it when it drops. *If* it drops. Sigh.

  I want to get my alts in more, too. This last weekend, I pushed the Pallytank through all of Naxx-25 except for KT (and would have stayed for KT if I knew that the effing mace shenanigans would continue). As I’m running on an alt, I more or less get tablescraps for drops – but I was still able to get a few very nice pieces. Even better, there were about 4-5 other pieces that dropped and were taken by the actual Pallytank, so if I run it again then it’s likely me who gets those drops. I’d like to have geared into at least a little bit of versatility by the time we really get into Ulduar so that I can switch out from time to time.

  Fortunately, some of that will get alleviated by dual speccing; Elemental pew pew action should be a great change of pace once in a while, or even on specific fights here and there. How much fun would it have been all this time to swap out to DPS for Thaddius, Maexxna, or some other fight where the healing load is lighter?

  No, what I’m worried about is opportunity. We’ve all run the same content so much since November that it’s starting to feel like Karazhan used to – played out. Still, it’s an essential part of the gearing chain. I don’t want to be “That Guy” who steps into Ulduar raids with substandard gear and wants the raid to gear me up. Similarly, I don’t want to be forced into terrible PuGs with all of the lackadaisical idiots who are still running Naxx-25 because Ulduar is just too tough for them to handle. Maybe we’ll still set a night aside for a full Naxx-25 clear, that’d be absolutely dandy. Maybe not, though – and I think I may be a sad panda about that because, for all of the monotony of the same run over and over, Naxx has a damned nice loot table to it that I’d like to enjoy for a bit longer – at least until I’ve managed to get 2-3 more toons competently geared for Ulduar.

I guess we’ll find out in a few short hours, eh? Hopefully the damn thing works before I have to go to work at 5:00 pm.




One response

14 04 2009

I echo your sentiments, well said. As of these few weeks I’ve only gotten a few experiences downing naxx bosses and getting naxx loots are still main priority. Dual speccing tho will be an awesome breather for resto shamans and other healing classes. Elemental (DPS) is a whole new world =)

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