Another one approaching 80…

9 04 2009

  Been grinding the XP out (and grinding was never a more appropriate term) on the Paladin lately. I managed to gain two full levels of XP this weekend, almost exclusively through killing things instead of questing. I realize that it seems kind of odd, but as a Prot Paladin it’s just so much easier to round up 10-15 mobs at once and tank ’em into the dirt. Assuming XP from each mob is 1400-1700 (rested), then an individual pull this size is more or less equal to a quest turnin. I got a great tip from a reader to grind up some Scarlet Onslaught mobs in Dragonblight, and they’re absolutely perfect for the duty. The mobs in question are located just north of Naxxramas; there are 5 camps, each with about 10-15 troops in them. There are no casters, no interrupters, no stuns, no fears and no bleeds among them. Pure physical damage. The only abilities that they posses outside of dealing physical damage involve a sunder armor effect (stacks to 5, but they manage to lose the stack a lot), and a stacking +damage buff that basically sees the little zealots putting out 200 more damage per hit at max stack. Nothing too tough to contend with, I was pulling up to 15 at level 75 and so if the numbers are a bit much, just control the size of your pull a bit more. Wicked easy grinding spot with fast repop. I also lucked into a rare spawn that wandered through on horseback, easily handled in with the trash.

  Eusko is now halfway through 77 (2 1/2 levels to go) and I’ve got his level 80 gear almost entirely ready. The tricky part that’s left is, I need to get more Argent Crusade reputation. While I’m fairly certain that I won’t be able to achieve Revered by the ding, I know that Honored is attainable – and as it turns out, somewhat necessary. That’s because, while the Daunting Legplates might be serviceable, I really need to work in a little +hit for my initial gear – and the Special Issue Legplates fit the bill nicely. Besides that, I need to work up to the head enchant anyhow. To date, I have accumulated the following for him:

  Still to be acquired are a Titanium Earthguard Chain (Flashing Scarlet Ruby) and the aforementioned Special Issue Legplates (Flashing Scarlet Ruby – Jormungar Leg Armor). All told, this should place me over 25k unbuffed health, 23k armor, defense capped and with reasonable avoidance. I did the math on this stuff at reasonable / normal AH prices, and it’s ridiculous – over 15,000 gold on my server. Really, though, I spent very little to get it done thanks to professions. I had all of the uncut gems in my inventory from Hiltzaile’s Mining, and Eusko’s leveling grind had produced enough greens for disenchantment that I have most of the necessary chanting mats (but for the single Abyss Shard). As to my acquisition prices for all of it?

  • Helm – 85g for the Frozen Orb. I had the Titansteel and Saronite on Hiltz already.
  • Neck – ~500g for the Dragon’s eyes still, and 85g for another orb. I’m going to try and barter for the Dragon’s Eyes.
  • Shoulder – The expensive (and hard to get) piece. Got em for 2800, which is pretty decent. Seen em posted up to 4000.
  • Back – Free, got it on a Heroic and had it in the bank.
  • Chest – 85g for the Frozen Orb. Had the rest in the bank.
  • Wrist – Free, used Manchego’s Badges as I don’t need anything else for her.
  • Hands – Caught a break here, 50g on the AH.
  • Waist – Free, got it on a heroic run and had it in the bank. Had mats for the belt buckle.
  • Feet – A frequent AH item, I waited for a low priced one. 1200g.
  • Shield – 85g for Frozen Orb, had the rest already.
  • Signet of the Accord – 1000g on AH. I got a deal, it’s usually up for 1800-2000.
  • Titanium Earthguard Ring – I had some Dragon’s Eyes banked. Had to buy one and the Orb, 210g total.
  • Sword, trinkets – free from quests.
  • Net cost for me: 6100g (less if I can trade for Dragon’s Eyes)

  So, really, kind of palatable (given). I know that some of these pieces are going to be replaced fairly fast. The trinkets are a joke, for instance. If I can get the drop off Loken, I’ll be able to add in one other trinket as that single one (Seal of the Pantheon) does the job of the two that I have currently. The legs will go soon, too (either from VH, Naxx or OS) – which is why I’m not sinking money into the uber leg armor kit for them. For the most part, though this should allow me a very good tanking set for just about any content that I want to run – and it will only get better. (also, I know that, point-for-point, +dodge > +parry for avoidance… but my jewelcrafting source had one and not the other, and I’m gonna justify it with the “Parry=haste=threat” excuse, so there. Neener neener.)

  I did make one unfortunate discovery when I was getting it all together. When I was doing the math on what I would need to hit 689 defense (enough to attain the magic 540 rating), I decided that it would be better for me to go and do the Netherstorm quests for Dabiri’s Enigma than to attain that defense from gems. So, I zoned into Shatt, flew to Stormspire and got ready to head over to the Consortium guys – only to discover that I had no flying mount! Eusko was my 7th toon to hit level 70 in Burning Crusade, and did so not too long before the expansion (maybe 1-2 months). I’d apparently never bothered to go and pay the guy in SMV to teach him to fly – imagine that!

  So, after I’ve sunk a tidy sum of cash into his gear (and also took out a bit of a withdrawal for the wife to get her Dragon from Wyrmrest – Exalted), I’m sitting with a tick over 2000g and a bit of a conundrum. I have enough cash to go and pay for the ghetto flying mount plus cold weather tax and he’d be GTG, but I’ll deplete my reserves. I’m especially leery of this as 3.1 is moving ever closer, and Manch is *definitely* going to be dual-specced as soon as possible. So, I could drop the initial 1000g for flight on Eusko, but it’s kind of worthless given that it doesn’t work in Northrend unless you pay the Blizz 2000g. Theoretically, I could quest faster – but slow mount is still slow, and Prot Pallies don’t do anything fast, ever. So, I think I’ll just sit on my cash and see what I can dredge up through intermittent auction house work (or, clean out the bank a bit) and pay the fees when I get closer to 80, which I think I can hit by the end of the weekend. Meh.




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9 04 2009

I’ll have to keep that spot in mind when I decide to level my pally. I’m currently working on my Shaman currently at 58 and will hopefully be my fourth 80.

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