Up Next – Naxx 10: The Undying

28 03 2009


Hopefully, they have a nice selection of Conjured Strudels.

Hopefully, they have a nice selection of Conjured Strudels.

I’ll be giving this one a shot in about 4 hours’ time. Some of the folks from <Anathema> and I have assembled a fairly crack team to attempt this; we’ve cherry-picked players to fill specific raid roles, both in terms of what the class brings to the table and the skill of the player. It’s a rough thing to do, because I can say with certainty that there are more than 10 candidates for this – but we’re going to give at a try and see how it all goes, and if we pull it off – rotate those other good players through in the weeks ahead.

  I’m confident, though, that we’ll be able to pull this off. The only fights that really concern me are Kel’Thuzad, Gluth, Grobbulus and that stupid Heigan dance/fight. I suppose that Horsemen could be an issue as well, though it’s been said that only Rivendare needs to die before anyone else in order for the achievement to be complete. We’ll be doing Construct first to see how it goes, so if it gets borked right away – we’ll just try for other achievements instead. The group that we’re using consists of:

  • Prot Warrior, Main Tank
  • Feral Druid, Offtank / DPS
  • Fury Warrior, Melee DPS
  • Mutilate Rogue, Melee DPS
  • Affliction Warlock, Ranged DPS
  • Survival Hunter, Ranged DPS
  • Arcane Mage, Ranged DPS
  • Elemental Shaman, Ranged DPS / Offheal
  • Holy Priest, Healer
  • Resto Shaman (me!), Healer

  That given group covers a lot of buffs. Just running down the list, we have Mark of the Wild, Leader of the Pack, Commanding Shout, Blood Pact, Arcane Intellect, Replenishment, Fortitude, Shadow Protection, Spirit (whatever it’s called, my Priest is level 1!) and a double rack of totems to cover nearly everything (Totem of Wrath, Wrath of Air, Windfury, Strength of Earth, Stoneskin, and Double Mana Springs – unless we need poison Cleansing). In combat, the ranged / melee balance is perfect, interrupts are there, and we’ve got almost nothing that will overlap someone else’ buff. 2 Bloodlusts available, plus Guardian Spirit, Healthstones and every kind of Dispel in redundant quantities.

  On top of that, these are all players who are nearly completely geared out with 25 man loot. Each DPS player is pushing 3000 DPS or more, the Healers are running at around 2100 & 2300 spellpower before buffs, and every one of the players has at least 10 full clears of experience, if not more.

  It’s gonna be fun.

  Of course, there’s always the random issues to contend with. This is a lot of pressure, and stress can cause errors. Nobody wants to be the person that dies first and blows it for everyone. It’ll be even worse if that death is from disconnect boss.

  At any rate, I’m gonna try and make a little bit of personal history tonight. I’ll let you know Monday how it goes!




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