Elemental Shaman DPS Rotation

28 03 2009

  I’m going to make this as simple as I possibly can. It’s really not much of a science, but it basically boils down to this, presented in super-sexy, easy-to-read format by me ‘n Microsoft Paint:

Easy as 1-2-3-4.

Easy as 1-2-3-4.


  Even simpler, you can probably macro this to make it nearly idiot proof. Something like:

  • /cast Lava Burst
  • /cast Chain Lightning
  • /cast Lightning Bolt

  …Which should cause the cast to attempt Lava Burst first, fire off Chain Lightning if it’s on cooldown, and Lightning Bolt if *that* is on cooldown, too. Now, all you have to do is keep the Flame Shock debuff up and Thunderstorm whenever, and you’re golden. If you want to get more in-depth with the macro thing, add in these lines before the first one:

  • /use (on use trinket, e.g Mark of the War Prisoner)
  • /cast Elemental Mastery

  …Which would cause the macro to always use one of those if available for maximum uptime. Alternative methods could be placed that would cast those if you depressed the “shift” key while spamming the macro, for more control options – but I’m honestly pretty macro-simple for all of this, so I use the knucklehead version.

  Anyhow, I know it’s way more in-depth than that, so if you want the super-detailed version, I’d try looking it up at Elitist Jerks. From my own standpoint, the simple version works well enough to pump out over 3k DPS for me, so I’ll live with it!




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30 03 2009

Oh a macro, that would be great. Then I could just have a Flame Shock button and an everything else button.

Thanks for the idea.

*goes looking for syntax to hide errors*

31 03 2009

Question: Does Chain Lightning do better single target damage than lightning bolt?

Here’s why I ask: We’re going to be trying to cast Lava burst as close to every 8 seconds as possible. So – given the following scenario (assuming 20% haste) you would have the following cycle:

Flameshock – Lava Burst – Chain Lightning – Lightning bolt x3 – Chain Lightning – Lightning bolt – Lava Burst – Lightning Bolt – Chain Lightning – Lightning bolt x3 – repeat from beginning (I realise we’re not getting lava burst off every CD, but this is assuming a continuous cast cycle)

If, instead, you went without using chain lightning (keep in mind its getting its single target dps nerfed come 3.1), you’d have Flameshock – Lava burst -Lightning bolt x5 – Lava Burst – Lightning Bolt x4 – repeat from beginning.

You’d have ~.4 second downtime per cycle (which, admittedly is lost dps), but you’d be utilizing only the higher damage lightning bolt, and you’d get off a lava burst everytime it was available.

If we didn’t want the .4 second lag, we could build in 1 chain lightning per cycle as follows:

Flameshock – Lava burst -Lightning bolt x5 – Lava Burst – Lightning Bolt x4 – Chain Lightning – repeat from beginning, in which case we would have .8 seconds availability of Lava Burst that we weren’t using.


1 04 2009

Realistically, 3.1 will probably change this. As it stands now, Chain Lightning is ~= to Lightning Bolt, so the haste / 8 second thing would be a primary determiner. I’d be interested in trying out both rotations on a target dummy to see exactly what difference may come of it.

Also, that said, Elemental *is* an offspec for me, so I’m not an authority by any means – better min / max data can likely be found at Elitist Jerks. However, there have been a few requests from people who are at more of an entry / intermediate level as to how to setup a rotation, so that’s been my rationale on putting this one together, to try and help out people newer to the spec, or who offspec it like myself.

8 04 2009

Yeah – but to be honest, theory-craft is valuable to a point – and I have enjoyed what you’ve had to say on the matter thus far, which is why I posed the question. I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve tried what EJ has to say, and a lot of them say something to the effect of “well, its great in theory, but in practice it doesn’t ever work perfectly”.

Until ~5 weeks ago I was resto as well. I had been raiding with my present guild, but as a friend rather than as a guildy – and when I came over the RL asked if I’d mind trying elemental. He said he’d love to have me either way, but since they have 3 resto shammies as it stands (and one Enh), he was hoping I might be interested in shooting LBs instead of CHs. I said sure, and since the gear translates reasonably well, I re-socketed, re-enchanted, and gave it a try, and I’ve been having a blast (I healed on my shammy all the way through BC).

This is a very long way of saying that I’ve enjoyed what you’ve had to say on the matter, and to a large extent I feel like we come from a common background 🙂

29 05 2009

As a elemetal that has picked up resto as a dual spec, I would only add that I toss in the odd shock (usually flame. but could any) into the rotation as it comes of cool down. I figure as an instant cast it doesn’t hurt and as long as mana is not an issue … let it all hang out there.

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