Leveling, Naxx 25 and Heroic Sethekk Halls: What I’ve been up to lately

21 03 2009

  As anyone who happens by here with any regularity may have noticed, i’ve been pretty remiss about posting the last 2 weeks. Write it off to general lazyness, though I suppose part of it relates to me being a little bit busier than usual during what my normal “writing time” might be. So, what’s going on with the crew?

Inyaki – lvl 55 – I’ve been grinding through a lot of content with him lately. Maybe it’s just because the levels come so ridiculously quickly, or maybe it’s because he’s still running Classic WoW content. At any rate, he’s pushing very close to Outlands now, and the joy of Titan’s Grip is on the near horizon. I’m pleased with his killing speed, as it makes the leveling grind go much easier and faster (obviously!); I’m relieved that he’s up to 300/300 on Mining / Blacksmithing now, since both of those professions absolutely suck to get from ~285-300. WTB more rested XP for this guy….

Zuggzug – lvl 66 – When I haven’t been grinding levels on Inyaki, I’ve been doing it with her. Zuggzug is my Death Knight; during the initial quest phase, I was leaning towards Unholy but never really got the hang of it, outside of facerolling. Before I hit Hellfire Peninsula, I respecced Blood. Oh- my – God. What a crazy delicious leveling spec that one has turned out to be. Truly, I’m convinced that leveling Blood in  Outlands takes nearly zero skill to do effectively, it’s so ridiculously easy. Pull mob – Frost thingy – plague thingy – Heart Strike / whatever until target dies. Repeat. The self-healing properties of the spec are so good, I rarely even need to eat. On top of that, several elite mobs that have been difficult to solo for other classes in the past, or required some well-planned technical execution to down solo, have been easy kills. I was able to one-shot Blacktalon the Savage, and the Leaders of the Bloodcrest /Darkcrest with almost no complications. Add to that, I can ride my mount across water to get places faster – you see where this is going. I’m gonna be 70 in no time.

  On a side note, I moved Zuggzug out of the guild in which everyone else is housed, Mediocrity in Motion, and into the Aussie guild that I’ve been raiding latenights with, Anathema. I was told that I needed a DKP alt in there to track stuff, which is no big deal – except that I don’t have space to roll a level 1 alt anymore, so I had to reapportion someone! Since everyone and their mother already has a DK, I chose her.

Eltorogrande – lvl 70 – Stagnant as ever, I haven’t done much with the Big Bull since WotLK. Some day, big fella. I’m gonna bail on my Gorilladin when I do, though. Chompychompy is coming back.

Bubbahotepp – lvl 71 – Haven’t done much with him either, from a leveling standpoint. However, my recent Sholazar Basin mining forays have led to a large amount of materiel being sent his way to prospect or make into disenchantables. As a result, he’s up over 430 Jewelcrafting now – but the lack of patterns in his repertoire is rather lame. At least he’s skilled enough to trigger the drops now, when he does get around to instancing again.

Noobz – lvl 75 – She’s coming out every now and then for a 5-man. Usually, it’s when someone in /g is asking for “1M DPS” for anything in the 73-78 range. I could probably level her at a decent clip if I put some focus time in on it, but I’ve been concentrating elsewhere lately. However, I have a bit of a gut feeling that I’ll be playing her a fair amount once she’s to 80.

Euskogudari – lvl 75 – It’s all I can do to stay disciplined and level him. I stick with it because I’m more or less envisioning him & Inyaki as my 2 Tanks once everyone is at 80 – I just need to make it happen. Now that Inyaki & Zuggzug are more or less out of rested XP, I’ll probably take him out for a spin and bleed off some of his.

Hiltzaile – lvl 80 – Kind of a disappointing Naxx night for her. Successful from the standpoint that all of the night 2 baddies (Military Wing + the last 2) got downed – but my DPS numbers were far beneath what I would deem acceptable. I’m thinking that I may have to respec Mut and see how it goes. Meter showings like this make me appreciate the stance that Negathle has taken with her Hunter – but then, I’m not so firmly attached to Combat like she is to MM since Hiltz is far from a main.

  Also, har-de-har luck on this run: I got 2 pieces of loot, the Helm of Vast Legions and the Nerubian Conqueror (by default). Coincidentally, that’s the two slots that I could craft good Engineering pieces for already. Sigh.

Ribeye – lvl 80 – Ribby has come out for a few tanking duties here and there, including a partial Naxx 10 run. He’s slowly rounding up to form – though admittedly would do so at a faster clip if I actually put some sustained effort into improving him. Even so, he’s a very serviceable Naxx-10 tank, and works well for OS 10 / 25 or VoA.

  What I *have* been doing lately with Ribby is this. So far, I’ve killed off Anzu about 8-9 times, though I haven’t really been keeping close track. Still no mount, but it *will* be mine someday soon. While the actual combat has been fairly easy, with only moderate challenges (becoming almost no challenge of you wait for Berserk to finish its cooldown between trash pulls), the really odd part about this is the drops that I have been getting. So far, I’ve had 3 BOE epics drop off the trash in his room and the pack of birds in the hallway prior (I stealth the rest of it). Lola’s Eve, Pants of Living Growth and a pattern for the Black Belt of Knowledge. This is doubly bizarre to me because I didn’t get a single BOE epic drop during the entire Burning Crusade expansion era, outside of group content. Add to that, I’ve also had 4 BOE Blue drops, and it’s a veritable treasure trove despite the lack of mount drops… but it WILL COME!

Manchego – lvl 80 – Manch is going bonkers lately. Still doing regular Naxx-25, and clearing every week. Though Kel’Thuzad still refuses to cooperate and drop that friggin mace for me, I’ve been able to fill out nearly every other slot in my gearing with the top item for the slot – or darn close. Decisions still to be made when I finally get a Malygos-25 kill in, should the chestpiece or gloves drop. I’ll have to get a set of 7.5 Resto legs should this circumstance arise, then decide which of those 2 items I’ll use, and which to forego. Small worry, though. Manch is currently over 2300 +healing with no totems or buffs (other than Earthliving Weapon), and all of the auxiliary stats are good too. Basically, she’s a front-line raid healer and I’m really enjoying playing her.

  As I’ve managed to acquire nearly all of the Resto pieces that I need so far, I’ve been able to fill out a lot of my Elemental set lately as well. Thanks to gems and enchants, I’m hitcapped at 367 (or is it 368? I’m not worried, either way) without the use of food to do it. I’ve also been able to reach that number without a lot of crappy items that I used to keep around just for the hit – Rune of Infinite Power, Dark Soldier Cape, Plush Sash of Guzbah and Voodoo Signet are all gone. I still have the good ol’ Mark of the War Prisoner in there, but whatever. You can’t win ’em all! I respecced Ele for grins on a VoA run Tuesday and managed over 2900 DPS; considering that was no glyphs, and I actually improved my gear even more with the Girdle of Recuperation off Razuvious, I’m kind of curious what I could pump out over the course of a regular run sometime. Hopefully, I can convince the Elemental Shaman from my 25-runs to flip back to Resto (she was Resto when we started into Naxx-25) for a night, or maybe we’ll wind up with enough healers one night that I can try it. Either way, I’d like to get a WWS that I could break down and digest for my Elemental abilities at some point. Hoping that it might be a delicious “Naxx night #1” report with Spider, Plague and Military – but we’ll see.

  Anyhow, that’s about it for now. I’m going to see how close I can get Inyaki to Outlands this weekend – it’ll be great to do all of those quests for the last time and never have to go back. Other than that, I’d be tickled if Kel’Thuzad drops the mace and/or shield this weekend. While my Elemental compatriot has dibs on the shield already (I have dibs on the mace, yay!), at least that would clear it for me to roll on the next drop and finish out with the “best in slot” set heading into 3.1.




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