The Week in Review

25 02 2009

  Had another solid week of raiding this last week. Ribeye went for day #2 of the Guild Naxx-10 run which still had 3/4 Construct and all of Military left up; cleared everything but Kel’Thuzad before we ran out of time to finish out the remainder (due in large part to some Internet connection issues with several players that caused DC’s at bad times).  Unfortunately for me, nothing dropped that I could use. Some Resto pieces, but we were running with double Trees for healing, so I couldn’t just ninja the scraps! Still, its a few badges, and he was certainly survivable enough for the content. One little bit of awesomeness to pass on that I implemented and may help any OTs out there, though. For the Grobbulus fight, as the OT, it’s your job to grab the Fallout Slimes and drag them away from the action so that they can be burned down by Ranged DPS. I made a simple one-step macro for this:

  • /tar fallout
  • /cast growl

…and yay for seamless tanking pickups. Substitute your taunt of choice for growl, of course – but it made things even easier, and much more rapid for locating / acquiring the mob. A few seconds’ savings = less nature AOE pulse on melee = less strain on healing = profit.

  Manchego, on the other hand, got into 3 nights’ worth of Naxx-25 this week with <Anathema>. In case I never explained it before, their loot system is not DKP based, and the functionality (it’s a very good system, IMHO) goes like this:

  (Item) drops. All players are allowed a /need roll (Master Looter, of course) if the item is an upgrade for their main spec. Once rolls are complete, (Item) goes to the highest roller, with one important stipulation: highest roll does not win if they have a higher amount of loot won for the week’s run. Any previous “need” wins count as one win, and any night you missed means a one item penalty is assessed. Thus, if you win one thing on night number one, and skip night #2, you’d enter night #3 with a 2-item tally for purposes of deciding loot. As such, division is more or less even while still placing a focus on upgrading main specs.

  If nobody rolls “need”, the item is up for a “greed” roll. Anyone may roll this for offspec, and wins do not count against your total. It’s a great way to prevent sharding as well, since there isn’t a penalty. I have a wicked Enhancement mace in the bank now as a result, though I don’t know that I’ll ever spec it.

  Anyhow, night #1 went smoothly. Blew through Obsidian Sanctum, just killing the drakes and Sarth singly to get it over quickly. I lost a roll on the Illustration of the Dragon Soul (lame!), but that’s alright. What was a bit of a clunker was, no Shaman gloves for another week. Maybe this week.

  After OS was cleared, we moved on to night #1 of Naxx-25. In the interests of getting some volume out of the way, we just cleared Spider + Plague. Easy sailing all of the way through; people are even starting to get the Heigan dance (only one death!). Unfortunately for me, there was hardly anything Shaman-worthy that dropped. Given that I actually *have* most of the stuff that I’d be wanting off these bosses, so that’s a part of it too… but nobody was giving up the mail.

  As a brief aside here, 5 times through these 2 wings – still no drops for Shield of Assimilation or Quivering Tunic,  and only one each of Corpse Scarab Handguards, Wraith Strike, Legguards of the Undisturbed, Eruption Scarred Boots and Helm of Pilgrimage. RNG pwnd.

  Anyhow, for the first (and only) time so far, the Forethought Talisman did drop. Every healer rolled it, and the winning roll was a 37. Yes, you read that correctly, 4 people couldn’t beat 37. So I still continue to rock the Cannoneer’s Morale for lack of a better option…

  Loatheb was a mixed blessing. Both drops of the shoulder tokens were the “Warrior-Hunter-Shaman” variety; as I had mine already from the previous week, I didn’t roll. Both Shamans present did, and both won. Good for them, and good for me – no other loot dropped, so I zeroed the night but I’m still riding at 0 loot won.

  It’s a long wait for Saturday when we go back for night #2, and I was fairly chomping at the bit to get it all banged out so that we could spend day 3 working on Kel’Thuzad. Funny thing about plans, though – they just never quite seem to work out. We had a bit of a tank shortage for some reason, only 2 ‘true’ tanks, and one DK who specced into it but (since he was usually DPS) did so with slightly lesser gear than one would expect from a Naxx-25 tank. With that, we headed to Patchwerk; I was admittedly ambivalent about things, given we really only had one HS tank – but we smoked him in a great one shot, all three tanks made it through just fine. This does, by the way, help reinforce my “DK’s are hax” theory. After that, we moved on to Razuvious, as we’d only have 2 tanks at some point during the run. One-shot again, and the Bands of Mutual Respect dropped. I let the Elemental Shammy have ’em, as mine (Bindings of the Decrepit) are better for healing anyhow, though I do want to collect both someday. Other Shammy was not present, so I’m up 2-0 on the Shaman scoreboard. On to Gothik…

  …Where everything just went to pieces. We had Dead Side adds bug through the wall to Live Side, a mass disconnect of like 5-6 people at once – pretty much every manner of ill. On friggin Gothik. After about 3-4 wipes, we backtracked to Grobbulus and waxed him so that we could feel good about ourselves, and then tried Gluth. Amazingly, everything seemed to go wrong *again* and we couldn’t get him down. After 3 or so tries, we just called it for the night and went home. Exhausting night is exhausting.

  I was kind of down about things at this point, since we still had 4 bosses to clear before Sapph, and I really wanted some time to work on Kel’Thuzad. Proving that nothing in the game makes sense anymore, though – we blew through those 4 bosses on night 3, with a single hiccup – wiping on Thaddius with him at 1.2 million health- to blemish the night. I think I was to blame for that, I was kind of late on the first Polarity Shift and, though I made it through, I might have had a hand in killing a couple three peeps. I lost my charge icon in the Raid Frames later and died a lonely death, too – I never die on this fight, unless its a wipe – and just can’t help but think “it’s your fault, doofus”. 1.2 Million.

  At any rate, still had the issue of nothing dropping. I was hoping for the Helm of Unleashed Energy off Gothik, and that smilin’ bastard got the last laugh again by not dropping it. Nothing off Gluth or Thaddius either – but the Horsemen *did* drop the 7.5 Shaman chest token, and my zero-loot, welfare case status allowed me to claim that. Sweet!

  By the time we got to Sapph, people were starting to drop. A Druid Healer left, but I was able to pull one from my own guild to take his place, and we one shotted Ol’ Frosty. Loot dilemma here, though as he dropped Ceaseless Pity. This is a damn sexy neck if I do say so, and I’d love to have it. However, we’re also about to face off against LootPinata’Thuzad – and though we’ve never dropped him (and thus I might come up empty), I’m still sitting at a single win for the week. I decided to roll the bones (heh heh) and wait it out. Neck went on a “need” roll, no chance to try for greed, but that’s ok.

  So, Kel’Thuzad. We’d gotten to him late in last week’s effort, and only three tries worth of attempts which really didn’t get that close. People had seen his 25-man tricks now, though, so we had that in our corner. *cross fingers, hope for the best*

  Well, attempt #1 went swimmingly – right up until he hit the Frost Tomb thing on one of the add tanks right after they spawned. This was not in and of itself bad, but the tank in question was a Druid with ~45k health – in other words, the absolute worst person in the raid to manage when it comes to effects that drain a % of health. We lost him, and hilarity ensued. 15% wipe. Still, this was ~15-20% better than our best last week. We had him.

  Attempt number 2 was madness. You know that cute little Chains of Kel’Thuzad mind control gimmick? The rat bastard did it to a Moonkin (unsheepable!), who promptly Moonfire / Starfire / Hurricaned myself and 2 other Healers into oblivion in about 5 seconds with surgical precision. Lol, wipe.

  Now it’s really getting later, though. 2 DPS bow out, and there are rumblings about the dreaded “last attempt”. I was able to go back to the well in guild, though, and bring in 2 more Druids (it’s madness, I tell ya!) to fill spots. One was a Moonkin, hopefully equipped with a friendly-fire prevention device, and the other Resto. While this made 6 healers, I was happy to have him as an “at-large” Healer primarily set to look for those Frost Tombs and assist with them. That, and 2 more Battle Rezzers.

  I’ll spare the details, but the attempt was frickin’ butter. Everything , front to back, went great. There was one potentially devastating hiccup early on, when he chained a Frost Tomb off 4 people, including 2 Healers. Lucky for me, I was quick to target one of them and hit the “Kitchen Sink” macro (NS + TF + Trinket + Chain Heal). Pop – pop – no deaths, all four saved. I’m sure the other healers helped, but this did feel good for me. The rest of the time, our spacing was good and everyone was really on top of the Frost Tombs and CC’ing the mind controlled players. I even Hexxed a few! End result: Little Black Bowling Ball of Loot made an appearance, first time I’ve seen Kel’Thuzad downed in 25 man.

  Unfortunately, no mace, no shield. Dropped a Hobby Horse, a Tank axe, and Tank neck… but oh joy, the Shammy helm token dropped! What a fine time to roll a 90 for loots (though I think I had it on wins alone over all but one contender). That unexpected win was very big for me for a few reasons:

  1. It means that I can take my old helm and resocket it for pure Elemental duty.
  2. New helm has MP5 on it, so more longevity (and room to drop other current MP5 gear should an attractive option come up.)
  3. Best part: I have the 4-piece bonus now – 5% more Chain Heal and Healing Wave!

  Oh yeah, and I got enough Badges of Valor collected that I could go out and buy a luxury item – my 7.5 Elemental Shoulders!

  So, despite a big ol’ speed bump in the middle, everything ended very, very well. Things seem to be carrying over into the new week as well; after maintenance today, I joined a Wintergrasp raid and racked up over 225 HK’s through nothing more than Chain Healing the masses – and didn’t get killed once myself! Vault-25 Raid after that was Healer-heavy, so I spent the respec money to go Ele for Archavon; yes, I know it’s a waste of 2 respec fees, but I wanted to see where I stood with my recent gearing changes. Well, it was kind of in a rush and so I geared a little half-assed, and still running with my Resto glyphs – but still managed to rank 5th on the DPS meter for the fight! Very nice indeed, and even nicer that a Shaman-friendly piece finally dropped from this event (second time, first was an Enhance chest) – and I won the roll! Yay, me.

  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Old Crafty had made an appearance; but despite over 1000 casts (and now, 300 fishing) in the process, he remains, well – crafty.

  It’s been a hell of a week.




One response

2 03 2009

Phew busy week!
Nice round up – the feeling of seeing the BBBoD (Big Black Ball of Doom) was awesome. Certainly a a sense of satisfaction and happy that is done and behind us (now on to farm kills to gear everyone up 🙂 )

Great job!

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