The 6th Screenshot Challenge

20 02 2009

As I suspected, I don’t take too many screenies. Also worth noting that many of the files in the folder were very definitely not on purpose… but lo and behold, what should I find in slot #6 but a little bit of history from about a year ago…

I cant vouch for the one on the left... but the caption on the right just kills me.

I can't vouch for the one on the left... but the caption on the right just kills me.

 What you see here is famous moments in Ribby history. Ignore the action bars for a second, Ill get back to those. This is from the Lunar Festival event, 2008. In fact, if you read the profile tab I wrote up for Rib, this is the event in question. Here’s the background:

  I had only recently hit 70 on Ribeye, my 3rd toon to do so. Rib was a late convert to Feral, having been Resto all of the way until 68. As such, I had some tanking gear, but it was really pretty rudimentary. I don’t think that I even had my Manimal’s Cinch at this point. I remembered from the previous year that there was some critter named “Omen” who came out to play once a year in relation to the Lunar Festival, and I only knew that because I had happened through the area with Eltorogrande at that time (which was about 2 months into my WoW career). I was also somewhat awash in my newfound power as a bear – some of the quests that I had completed as a Feral in my runup to 70 required that I kill elites, and I had never before been able to dispatch them with such ease while soloing. In short, I was a young bear who was feelin’ his oats, so I did what any enterprising young bear might – I headed off to see about this Omen guy, and just how tough he was.

  Oh yeah, more background notes! Up until now, I had never been in a group for anything other than five-man content. No Karazhan, no Gruul – not even a Heroic. Babe in the (Moonglade) woods, indeed.

  So, fast forward to Omen. I didn’t even know what he looked like – I was expecting something like a wolf model, really. I knew that he was by the Barrows in Moonglade, so that’s where I headed. Once I got there – hoo, boy! He looks pretty mean, this could be trouble. While I was sizing up the situation, I watched as a few people – Alliance Hunters, I think – engaged him. One shot, maybe 2, GG Nelf. Curious bear is curious by nature, though… so I had to see what kind of damage he was dishing out – after all, I was still in the throes of euphoric power that come with playing a Tank class for your first time. He can’t hit that hard, right? Thus, I did what suicidal bears do and engaged him.

  Predictable results, I got whacked around for a bit and he killed me… but it took a lot longer than I had anticipated. Took a second to look over the “what happened to me” report, and I found that I was getting hit for somewhere around 400-600 damage per swing (he didn’t do that nasty AOE thing this year!) This got me thinking, “With a little help, I can take him!” So, I sent a tell to a Paladin friend of mine who was pretty well equipped- probably T5 at the time, but that was like Sunwell for me for all I knew, and Sunwell didn’t even exist yet. I asked if he’d done Omen yet. “No.” Want to give him a shot? “What, just us?” Yeah, why not? He wasn’t hitting me for that much, how long can you cast for? “Pretty much forever.” Alright, fine! Lets do it!

  And so a half-assed idea was born. He shows up, and there’s another Horde Shaman there too (level 67 or 68, if memory serves) who happens to be Resto. Tag team healing, giggidy. A few buffs, and we engage Omen – and things go about like you’d expect. I’m standing in there, Healers are looking good… and his health bar is not moving at all. Remember, default UI at this time showed a percent of health. If it was anything different, I sure as hell didn’t know how to make it work… but I’m watching it and it’s at about 98%, then like 30 seconds, 40 seconds later – 97%… this might take a while.

  Fortunately for me, somewhere along the 2-3 minute timer (best guess) on this fight, people started to believe. Those Nelf Hunters from before realized that they could extract their pound of flesh from Omen for the earlier repair bills, and he’d beat up on me for it – what a deal! Other Horde happened by and we added ’em in when they showed. All kinds of level ranges, but so what? The more, the merrier.

  Anyways, I swear that it took us 20 minutes to do it, but he was downed eventually (screenshot or it didn’t hap- oh, wait.) Omen was the first Raid Boss that I had ever faced, and I tanked him. Yeah, he’s no Gruul / Patchwerk / etc, whatever. I was proud as hell when he dropped, and people started scurrying in from all over to run through the light. I just kind of stood around for a bit, a conquering hero in a fog, before it occurred to me that I should take a screenshot of it all – and there it is.

  I hadn’t even viewed it until today, and some of it is pretty funny. I *love* the gnome with the macro for breaking language barriers, it’s just the icing on the cake for this moment. I’d forgotten about it until I saw this, but reading it again – it must have been one of the first times that I ever saw someone speak cross-faction.

  I love my action bars, too. Remember how I said I was Resto ’til 68? Old habits die hard, look at the bottom right bar. Auslese’s Light Channeler and Jewel of Charismatic Mystique, represent! I mean, the spells had a bit of use in that location, so I could pop out of bear and use one. The trinkets? Kind of emblematic of the state of flux I was in. Know what’s over on the right side? Evergreen Pouch, combine with Un’Goro soil to make (maybe!) Morrowgrain. Still in the bars. Above that? Six Demon Bag, a favorite trinket for Resto solo work (lvl 46). Above that? Hypnotist’s Watch. I clearly don’t trust the threat generation of the people who tanked for me.

  So, while I still can’t figure out exactly what Cydius is saying (maybe it translates to common?)… this 6th screenie turns out to be a great blast from the past for me.

Also, I have no Idea whom to pass this on to. Being a bit of a FNG around here, I don’t know too many folks who have yet to receive this… but a big WTFthankyou for thinking of me!




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22 02 2009

I’ve had a grand old time soloing all the group quests I could find on my feral druid during his BC-leveling stage. If it was my level or below, I knew I could take it. Only ones I didn’t do solo were the 5-man quests, and I tried a couple of those before giving up on them. Fun times. 🙂

Blizz made the Wrath ones harder tho, and my new hunter addiction has meant my druid sits on the sidelines a lot. I miss him.

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