Farming the Basin: The Math

20 02 2009

  So, I’ve recently hit 77 with my Rogue, Hiltzaile. Back in the BC days, Hiltz was my farmer. She’s a Miner / Engineer, so I got her the epic helicopter and spent many hours circling Nagrand for motes and nodes in order to obtain materials for both sale and Jewelcrafting on Bubba. Now that she finally has her wings back, I’ve been spending some of my latenight time farming Sholazar Basin for Saronite, Titanium and anything that interacts with a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor.

  I made a guess about the value of this a few days back, and pegged it as a rough estimate of 700-750g / hour of farming. Since that’s a pretty substantial number, I decided last night that I would research it and gather some more concrete data… so, here’s the results.

1) The participants: Myself, Miner / Engineer with epic flight. In addition, at least 3 other farmers (one of them also an Engineer) active for this timeframe and competing for the same nodes. All 3 had epic flight as well.

2) The time and place: Sholazar Basin, 3am-4am Server time (PST – 6am-7am EST)

3) The timeframe: 1 hour without a break. To time it, I simply applied my weapon poisons and used their timer.

4) The overall take from the event:

  • 12.3 stacks of Saronite Ore
  • 12 Titanium Ore
  • 7.8 Eternal Fire
  • 2.5 Eternal Water
  • .9 Eternal Air
  • 7.7 Eternal Earth
  • 5.8 Eternal Shadow
  • 2 Sky Sapphire
  • 1 Forest Emerald
  • 4 Dark Jade
  • 2 Chalcedony
  • 1 Bloodstone
  • 1 Sun Crystal

Some materials used to smelt one (1) Titansteel Bar from the spoils.

5) Prices for these items at Skywall Horde AH; attempt made to gauge what the average “priced to sell” amount may be.

  • Saronite Ore: 26g / stack
  • Titanium Bar: 19g / ea
  • Titansteel Bar: 140g / ea
  • Sky Sapphire: 13g / ea
  • Forest Emerald: 20g / ea
  • Dark Jade: 1.5g / ea
  • Chalcedony: 1.5g /ea
  • Bloodstone: 3g /ea
  • Sun Crystal: 3g /ea
  • Eternal Fire: 35g /ea
  • Eternal Earth: 7.5g /ea
  • Eternal Shadow: 7.5g /ea
  • Eternal Air: 35g /ea
  • Eternal Water: 16g /ea

Which works out to the following total values for the collected goodies:

  • 12.3 Saronite Ore: 319.8g
  • 3 Titanium Bar (after smelting): 57g
  • 1 Titansteel Bar: 140g
  • 2 Sky Sapphires: 26g
  • 1 Forest Emerald: 20g
  • 4 Dark Jade: 6g
  • 2 Chalcedony: 3g
  • 1 Bloodstone: 3g
  • 1 Sun Crystal: 3g
  • 6.8 Eternal Fire (remainder; 1 used in Titansteel): 238g
  • 2.5 Eternal Water: 40g
  • .9 Eternal Air: 31.5g
  • 6.7 Eternal Earth (remainder; 1 used in Titansteel): 50.25g
  • 4.8 Eternal Shadow (remainder; 1 used in Titansteel): 36g

Sum Total: 973.55g

  That’s one hell of a good haul for an hour. Consider a few things about that number as well when the take is analyzed:

  1. Gems are not impacting it significantly, as the numbers and quality are both low and within expected attainable numbers.
  2. Titanium was also at a median level with only 12 ore mined
  3. Nearly the entire result for Eternal Fire and Eternal Water is the result of Engineering; though hard to single it out due to the influence of Titanium Veins, 80-90% is a fair expected contribution.
  4. Saronite amount is also within acceptable levels, given 12.3 stacks = approx one stack of 20 / 5 minutes, assuming a balance of 3 ore per (regardless of regular / rich nodes), that’s ~7 veins every 5 minutes.

  In light of the numbers, I was pretty shocked. Even with the AH cut, the raw mats alone are closing on 1000g / hour and could easily get there with a few lucky breaks. However, I *did* do this in the dead of night, so I tried it again exactly 12 hours later, during the mid-day. I don’t know how many competitors I had, it’s safe to say that it was at least double or possibly tripled. I know that I saw 2 other Engineers, and while 1-2 players were on standard flying mounts, most were epic.

  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to tabulate the results because my wife had absconded with the pen that I had nearby, and I had to bolt off to work. From memory (all numbers approximate, but should be about right):

  • 11.5 stacks of Saronite Ore
  • 17 Titanium Ore
  • 7.3 Eternal Fire
  • 2.4 Eternal Water
  • 7.4 Eternal Earth
  • 7.2 Eternal Shadow
  • 7 green gems
  • 1 Sky Sapphire
  • 1 Twilight Opal
  • 1 Monarch Topaz

  I’m confident enough in my memory to give this about 95% accuracy. Given that, subtracting the possibility of Titansteel as CD is used, and adjusting for the new gems (2g per green, 30 for opal, 55 topaz) – that comes to 975.9g.

  Even taking into account the higher spike in Titanium gains and the presence of a single valuable rare gem (abberations which do skew the figure, but not outrageously so), I was very surprised to see that daytime farming is not only competitive with, but on par with night. As to why this is the case, despite a heavier rotation of people competing for the same nodes, I might theorize that it relates to nodes zone-wide repopulating at a faster rate under heavier farming – though conducting an experiment that could prove this would be difficult to execute.

  Finally, there is another thing to consider: even if the player is just selling off uncut stones, using a Jewelcrafter to prospect all of the Saronite instead of selling the raw quantity on the AH would likely see that value increase by about 150%, conservatively – adding ~150g or more, depending on luck with stones prospected, to the total.

  I think I’m going to be spending more time in Sholazar.




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