Naxx 25 nearly down, looking good for this week

18 02 2009

  Progress continues to be made on this front at a good clip. After a bit of a slowdown in weeks 2 & 3 of running that saw only moderate progression gains, the raid team was able to break through in a big way this last week with first kills on 25-man Gothik, Four Horsemen, Thaddius and Sapphiron. Unfortunately, we wound up against the end-of-raid timer for Kel’Thuzad and only got 3 attempts in on him, but I’m betting that he goes down this week.

  Anathema is getting faster and faster about clearing the Wings with practice and better gear, and they’ve expanded their Naxx-25 raiding to 3 nights /week. This was a very pleasant revelation for me last week, as I was out of town from Thursday morning until Sunday afternoon and thus expected to miss out on more than half of the festivities. You can imagine my surprise when I got home from work on Wednesday night at 1:45 am to find that they were about to sweep through Obsidian Sanctum and Spider + Plague Wings! When I returned for day 3 of raiding on Sunday night / Monday morning, I found that they had managed to get the Military Wing down while I was gone as well. Great news, as we had only downed Razuvious prior.

  As things stand, I fully expect that we can clear Plague, Spider, Patchwerk and Grobbulus during night one without much trouble, and pick up everything up to (and possibly including) Sapph on night two. If possible, that would leave a full raid session to get Kel’Thuzad down – and that’s why I’m really hoping to see a Little Black Bowling Ball of Loot this weekend. WWS has finally been posted for the last 2 weeks’ worth of raids as well; though I can’t parse them from work, I’ll certainly be checking them out when I get home to see how I’m faring.

  Partly due to the fact that I have several of the available upgrades, and partly due to the fact that Maexxna sucks and won’t cough up that which I’m obsessing over, it was a slow loot week – but I *did* score my 7.5 shoulders, which was like a double win as it allowed me to re-gem and enchant my 7.0 Resto shoulders to serve as Elemental ones, instead of pulling double duty. Won the roll, but lost due to overall loot distribution on the Ring of Decaying Beauty. I shouldn’t gripe about this, since I’m a guest and all, but it went to a Priest. What sucks about that is, there are a ton of DPS / Healer usable rings out there with Spirit itemized on them, and these are no good for a Shaman. In terms of MP5 rings, the selection is narrow – and thus, usable drops are rare for us. Consequently, I’m of the opinion that this one should have gone to a Shaman or Paladin, but like I said – the person who got it had not won anything, so fair is fair there. Loot can always drop again, after all.

  Another positive aspect to this weekend’s progress was the acquisition of a Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris, which is something that my own guild has yet to obtain as they have not organized a Naxx-25 guild run to date (though, if forums are an indicator, that is coming soon). I don’t know if / when Anathema is planning to take a crack at Maly, but I’m really hoping that I get to come along – not only for the completion of my “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” bit, but also for a crack at this beauty, acquisition of which would like lead to me peeing my pants and giggling uncontrollably for a minute or two.

  So, as I was out of town for more than half of the “Love is in the Air” event, I really had to scramble to get it all together once I got back. I had already sortied 9 of my toons out to the three capital cities, 3 per city, to collect goodies before I left so I had a bit of a head start. By the time I got back from the airport, I had 14 hours to get it all done with. No Perma-Peddle (though Hiltzaile did score one), no Lovely Black Dress (on Manch, at least), but I was able to complete the title achievement by pitying a fool in Naxxramas just after 2:00 am. Reminder to self: don’t vacation in the middle of a timed event next time! 😛

  Lastly, though I didn’t have too much time to plug away at it, I managed to get Hiltz to 77 and back into the ROFLMAOcopter. Mining + Engineering + Epic Flight is so much win, especially since I get home at such a late hour that nobody is on. I did the math on my haul from 1 1/2 hours of farming on my initial night, and figure that I’m turning about 700-750g / hour worth of mats at low end AH prices. Not that I’m selling anything yet, as I still have to finish leveling her Engineering and Bubba’s Jewelcrafting – but when I do, I can bang out mats for a bike (or two!) pretty quickly. I think that I’ll have to make one for the wife first, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble.




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18 02 2009

” I did the math on my haul from 1 1/2 hours of farming on my initial night, and figure that I’m turning about 700-750g / hour worth of mats at low end AH prices….

…I think that I’ll have to make one for the wife first, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble.”

Damn! 700g per hour? That is nice, I got to look into that now….

…lol @ the wife comment. Atleast you will be able to ride along with you =P. Gratz on the progression!

21 02 2009

I did an experiment to check out the money end and posted it a few days after this post… suffice to say, 700-750 turns out to be a very conservative estimate!

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