Progression, Levelling and Everything Else…

10 02 2009

  I’ve spent a lot of time lately espousing my opinion or whatever on gear, bosses, specs, etc – so probably about time for something different. For the first time in a while, the State of The Union (lesser ones first, like the Oscars!)

Inyaki– lvl 47 – I’ve actually been levelling him a bit lately. I spent some of Manch’s extra Emblems to buy some shoulders for him, as my two lowest-level toons (Inyaki + the Death Knight) can use em. While I’m not sure if it’s as a result of those shoulders, the fistful of rested XP he has at a given moment, or the nerfage that is lvl 1-60 XP bars, he’s moving pretty fast. I’m rampaging through Feralas now, with an eye on Hinterlands soon. Still largely in my lvl 39 mail twink gear, and I don’t even care. I’m disheveling people.

Zuggzug– lvl 58 – OMG, not listed at the top of the page! I had to bid farewell to Derting in order to shoehorn a Death Knight in here, but I never got around to updating that part of the page. Thanks, Blizz, for offering free server transfers to the rest of the planet, but not Skywall. I would have preferred to move Dert, but it’s just the way of things. Zuggzug is lvl 58, done with the basics, and sitting in Org until I’m darn good and ready to level her – which is no time soon, the world does not need another DK right now.

Eltorogrande– lvl 70 – Another of the languishers. I’ve just been lazy about him, I levelled him about halfway to 71 a few weeks back… but I’ve just got other priorities. I’ll get to him sooner or later. On hiatus.

Bubbahotepp – lvl 71 – Also more or less on hiatus, though he’s a mixed bag to level. On the one hand, it’s fun because he can actually use a lot of the gear upgrades early on. The flip side is, it sucks because he can’t blow stuff away like the others can. Still, as he’s my Jewelcrafter, I’ll need to get him up to snuff sometime.

Euskogudari– lvl 73 – I kind of go in bursts with him. On the one hand, I’m very interested in getting him to 80 because I like Pallytanking. On the other, same problem I’ve always had – leveling Paladins is mind-crushing boredom. His Inscription skill is almost maxxed, something like 443 I think. Been too lazy to do the daily discoveries, which I should try to stay on top of more.

Noobz – lvl 75 – I’ve been making a bit of a push with her lately. From a professions standpoint, I’ve maxxed out her Enchanting (and gathered almost all of the recipes, just a few minor ones left), and her Tailoring just passed 435. Still levelling Demonology, and she is absolutely owning the content so far. Fast killing makes for fun leveling. I hope to have her to 80 by early to mid March, so I can start gearing her up for Raids. Strongly considering Epic Flight investment as well, despite relative non-farmer professions. She has so many quests left, I can probably pay for it that way!

Hiltzaile– lvl 76 – I’ve been slacking on her after a fairly sustained leveling burst that got her to 76. Picked her up this morning, I really need to get her to 77 as she is one of my 3 toons with Epic Flight right now, and as an Engineer (423) / Miner, she’s money in the bank if she can fly. I’m less concerned with her Raiding, but I’d like to get her to 80 within the same timeframe as Noobz, and at least gear her enough that she can make a good showing in heroics.

Ribeye– lvl 80 – Been making a lot more of a push with Ribby lately, because (for the first time since 3.0.2, really) I’m happy and comfortable with Feral tanking right now. Rib is good enough to handle Heroics without too much trouble, and could OT 10-man content just fine as well, I’m sure. I want to push him through some more heroics before I really open up for Raids on him, though I think that I’ll be looking to get him into the weekend Naxx-10 runs when possible. I was going to go with him this last weekend, but we’re progressing to the point with our Fri / Sat raids where the 2 1/2 hour Friday allocation is enough to blow away 3 complete Wings. Unfortunately for me, my work schedule only allows me to Raid Sat / Sun, so I wound up with some bare pickins this week.

  I realize that this might sound selfish, but at that point – it isn’t worth it for me to Raid, so I gave up my spot. Primary driver? I have a 7 month old daughter and a wife. In order to Raid, I have to make arrangements, and its usually a bit of give and take. My wife covers all of the baby duties during the Raid time, and (in turn) I do something to scratch her back and buy my freedom. Sometimes, it’s kind of a hassle to get the time, so you have to weigh value vs. difficulty – and it’s just not worth it to make all of the necessary arrangements for one Wing, Sapph and KT. Real Life trumps WoW, so I just opted out and asked that they let the previous nights’ OT finish his run in my stead.

  I’m kind of concerned now that I won’t be able to get a full run in anymore, unless they make it a Sat-only clear event and use Friday for something else. Given the history of Raid scheduling, I don’t think that this is a likely option, but really – it’s pretty feasible. Naxx-10 is something like 4 to 4 1/2 hour front to back now, so I’d love to see it moved to a one shot… but I’m probably doomed to partial Raid IDs or PuG Naxx now. No real worry, though – I should be able to get a decent set of gear together from heroics and Emblems, given enough time.

  That said, I’m starting to gather caster gear. Once the Warrior and Paladin are 80, they’ll likely be my Tanking choices… so Rib might go Resto, or (and I’ve *never* specced this) maybe even Moonkin.

Manchego – lvl 80 – Far and away my primary focus lately. Manch is to the point where she has seen enough Naxx-10 that there are only 3-4 drops left in there for her, at best. Consequently, I’m moving on to a regular Naxx-25 run with her. Unfortunately, my guild doesn’t currently run Naxx-25 (likely due to the scheduling / organizing time commitment, but that’s just supposition; we have 2 Naxx-10 runs going each week.)

  So, what to do for a solution? I’m fortunate enough to have friends in Skywall’s Aussie guild, Anathema. They are just recently getting into regular Naxx-25 runs after clearing the 10-man content, and as fine a bunch of people to run with as you’d hope to meet. Off-color, upbeat and funny as hell. They have a solid core of players who are well-geared, responsible and capable with their classes. Due to circumstance, though, they are often just short of enough people to form a 25-person Raid… so it’s a perfect fit.

  The trick is, Australia *is* halfway around the world from us (duh!). That means that their weekly Naxx-25 time is Saturday night / Sunday morning 2am-6am, and the following night as well. It’s something that needs to be prepared for, so we usually wind up going to bed for a nap prior. The upshot about the timing, though, is that the baby is almost always asleep for the duration, waking up for a feeding maybe once and that’s it, so we can both play.

  I’m also fortunate in that there is only one other Shaman in the Raid, so we’ve more or less split the loot. Not that it always drops, but in three weeks, I’ve scored Legguards of the Undisturbed, Bindings of the Decrepit and Atonement Greaves. I’ve also added two Totems to my repertoire, Totem of Misery (which I doubt I’ll use unless I’m single-tank healing a fight with no splash damage) and Totem of Hex, which I have been absolutely COVETING for a while in lieu of the fact that my previous “DPS” totem was this. No, I’m not making that up. I won enough that I had to defer one really good drop that I was also jonesing for, but that’s no worry – it’ll drop for me soon enough.

  In our initial week, we had some struggles. Wipes on Faerlina while we got used to Mind Controls and an 18 1/2 minute Heigan which saw 5-6 people finish out the last 12 or so minutes of it (4 Bloodlusts!) and me, as Resto, doing lolDPS since there were 3 other Healers among the living. Patchwerk was very trying, and Gluth was a roadblock since nobody was quite prepared to deal with 3 grates’ worth of Chow.

  Since then? It gets better every week. Weeks 2 & 3, we’ve been able to clear Arachnid and Plague in their entirety, plus Patchwerk and Grobbulus on the first night – leaving night 2 for (sometimes trying) progression. We’ve been able to down Gluth now (kiting was nothing short of stellar last time; the time we downed him, we had no deaths) as well as Razuvious. Razuvious, by the way, is a funny guy. As to progression, Thaddius is a matter of time; 5-7 people dying to Polarity misunderstanding in the first few switches is not acceptable and gimps the Raid DPS too much to be able to beat the enrage timer (30 million health ?!?!?). Gothik, we tried a few times on night #2 of week #2 and didn’t have much luck. It’s not that hard of a fight, but I think position was the issue. Instead of backing into a corner and playing reactively to inbound adds, people were in a spot where stuff came from all sides and they were running around to engage it. Chain Heals were hitting 1-2 targets, and AOE overwhelmed us each time. Markedly inefficient, but I’ll say this: when they (Anathema) wind up with a mess like that on one night, I’ll be damned if I can’t count on these guys to come back next time with a plan and just nail it.

  I’ve been really pleased with my showing in 25’s as well. I have yet to top a 10-man healing meter, but in every 25 I’ve seen (outside of VoA), I’ve been #1. I’m not a meter-watcher by nature, nor is that what fuels me in the slightest – if the boss eats some floor, then it’s a win, regardless of what the meter says – but it’s pretty cool to feel like I’m contributing a lot to the success of things by tossing out ZOMG heals. I’ve never even sniffed #1 on a Raid damage meter, but I think that topping the Heals is ultimately more satisfying to me. I’ve more or less reached the conclusion with Manch that she contributes more in bigger groups. In 5-man, she’s a good Healer, but plenty of people can do what she does. In 10’s, she helps out a lot with making it smooth. In 25’s? She dominates, and it’s a good feeling.

  Anyhow, I managed to get my “Explorer” and “Elder” titles on Manch as well, which was kind of nifty. I also leveled her cooking to a level where I can make my own consumables; while this is not outwardly noteworthy, I admit, this is actually the first time that I’ve had the patience to do it. I’m flat-out *terrible* with the secondary professions. Inyaki has 225 First Aid; I don’t think anyone else even has 175. Manch just did the Nat Pagle “cleared to go to 300” Fishing quest – first toon to do that, too. Realistically, I don’t need more than one Fisher / Cook, so I seriously doubt that I’ll be progressing much further on that one with anyone else, but I will get Manch fishing in Northrend eventually. I really *should* level Hiltzaile’s First Aid, though. That’d save a ton of downtime.

  OK, one last bit that the wife sent me from a PuG Halls of Stone (reg) run that she was in to get her last Elder. Names redacted to protect the guilty / noobish.

  • (Hunter present w/o pet)
  • Ness: “Do you have a pet? Where is it?”
  • Huntard: “Dead.”
  • Ness: “You can resurrect it can’t you?”
  • (Huntard rezzes pet, which dies shortly after, and likely because it’s growling instead of cowering. He elects not to rez it.)
  • Ness: “Having your pet out would help us.”
  • Huntard: “How? I am not BM”
  • Ness: “Helps with aggro and deals damage”
  • Huntard: “I know what I am doing”

  For the record, on the damage meters, this level 75 Huntard was doing 545 DPS. If he really and truly “knew what he was doing” was 545 DPS, then I’m gonna have to go out on a limb and say “you’re doing it wrong.” My wife has a Hunter who is something like level 7 or 8, and she knows more about the class. For grins, I looked him up. 58 points in Survival tree, and not a single point of that in Hunting Party or Resourcefulness, but 3/3 Hunter vs Wild. With apologies to all of the good Hunters out there, this is what gives you guys a bad name!

Anyhow, that’s the News of the World. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.




3 responses

10 02 2009

Woohoo a plug! 😉

We are always happy to have both of you along to our raids, you both do a great job and can be counted on. Glad you have been enjoying yourself.

Sooo.. as long as MiM aren’t raiding 25’s you’re all ours!! Bwahahahaa…

10 02 2009

Off-colour!!! Who are you calling off-colour matey??? (You NEVER want to see g chat, we are on our best behaviour in raids).

Always a pleasure to have both you and Deathly raid with us 🙂

10 02 2009
Sparki (Anathema)

First time reader, I admit it, but now that it’s Tuesday night shutdown which equals forum time I’m definitely hanging around here for a while! We love having you guys come on our raids. The extra commitment it takes for you both to play in the very early hours of the morning makes it even more special to us! What a fantastic write up!

Boo to the silly little hunter bringing down our good name! May he learn how to play before he enters Naxx with some poor unsuspecting pug! 😛

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