Elemental / Resto Shaman Gearing: Naxx 10 & OS

7 02 2009

  Continuing references for the loot tables and Elemental / Resto gear drops. For this one, it’s easier if I just break it down by boss. I’m using the loot tables for Naxx-10 and OS 10 + 25, as most people will wind up doing both of these a few times over before progression winds up in Naxx-25.

  Emblem loot excluded, it’s been covered already. I’ve also scored each item on a “Should I spend my DKP (or loot roll, or whatever)” rating, shown as R(n) / E(n) after each. 1-10, 10 high as to whether this is an item that you should prioritize rolling on, versus what *could* drop.


  • Boots of Persistence (R-E) – Viable choice for either spec, and a major upgrade over anything that is obtainable prior to Naxx. The only upgrades for this are found from 25 man Emblems, Naxx 25, and Sarth + drakes. Verdict: R9 / E9
  • Band of Neglected Pleas (R-E) – At this stage of raiding, you’ll start to notice a pronounced lack of rings dropping. Personally, I used the CoT + UK ones forever. This one is a decent upgrade for Resto that you won’t be replacing for a while; while the stats work for Elemental, though, it’s a lesser priority as the itemization from MP5 would better serve an Ele build as Haste or Hit. Verdict: R8 / E5

Grand Widow Faerlina:

  • Avenging Combat Leggings (R-E) – More of a Resto piece due to the inclusion of Haste over Crit, though they do provide excellent stat values and 2 sockets to customize with. Some may prefer the Kilt of Dark Mercy for the raw MP5, but the Haste on this shouldn’t be overlooked. For Elemental specs, only roll this if you haven’t been able to obtain the Legguards of Nature’s Wrath from Heroic CoT, or if it will just wind up being sharded. Verdict: R8 / E3


  • Aegis of Damnation (E-R) – Outside of the Emblem shield, this is all that’s available. Thankfully, it’s very nice. Stats favor an Elemental build, but very suitable for Resto as well, the lack of MP5 being the only negative. Verdict: R8 / E10
  • Embrace of the Spider (E-R) – Unless they update the tooltip to be damage casts only, this is more or less similar to the Egg of Mortal Essence. There are better trinkets out there to be sure, but at this stage there just aren’t many to choose from. Verdict: R6 / E4
  • Pendant of Lost Vocations (R-E) – Very similar to the Lattice Choker of Light, but with Haste instead of Crit. As you probably have the 25-Emblem neck already, this one is really only useful for a Haste set. Verdict: R3 / E2
  • Don’t be fooled by: Timeworn Silken Band. Nice stats, but Spirit is wasted itemization. Let a caster who actually cares about Spirit take it.

Noth the Plagebringer:

  • Handgrips of the Foredoomed (E) – The Tier gloves for Elemental Shamans have +hit; these have everything else, short of MP5. As such, they aren’t an ideal Resto piece, but they are an outstanding upgrade if you’re slinging Lightning Bolts. Verdict: R3 / E8
  • Ring of the Fated (E-R) – As one of the few available rings that isn’t wasting itemization on non-useful stats, this one is great for an Elemental Shaman. Since you likely aren’t using +MP5 rings worth a darn anyways, it’s not bad for a Resto build either as it will help to boost your auxiliary stats significantly. Verdict: R6 / E9
  • Don’t be fooled by: Dark Shroud of the Scourge. Wasted itemization on spirit doesn’t make up for the +hit bonus, you’d be better off using the Dark Soldier Cape from Ebon Blade – honored and saving your roll.

Heigan the Unclean:

  • Necrogenic Belt (R-E) – A stellar pickup for any caster Shaman. Some Resto players may lean more towards Haste, but the overall stat allocation on this is fantastic for anyone. Even better, your only possible competiton would be from a Holy Paladin. Verdict: R9 / E9
  • Don’t Be fooled by: Ring of Holy Cleansing. Much like the Maexxna ring, it’s wasted itemization for you.


  •   T7 Shoulder Token (E-R) – Valuable enough, more so for Elemental as there just isn’t anything to substitute at this stage of progression (short of the Leather caster shoulders in OS-25). That, and the Emblem ones require 25 man tokens. Verdict: R8 / E10


  • Drape of Surgery (R) – One of the better Resto cloaks at this stage, somewhat of a sidegrade from the easily obtained Wispcloak; you trade a small amount of MP5 for Haste. This is probably a good trade for most, as it helps to equalize your stats and smooth out overall effectiveness. Inferior for Elemental builds. Verdict: R7 / E2
  • Retcher’s Shoulderpads (R-E) – Far more favorable for Resto, but a stopgap shoulder for Elemental builds if you’ve had poor luck with the Tier Token. In either case, the T7 shoulder is superior, but these offer a lot more than the blue piece you’d be wearing without them. Verdict: R6 / E4


  • Infection Repulser (R-E) – This is the best caster weapon you’ll find without downing Kel’Thuzad. Itemization is ideal for a Resto Shaman, and the spellpower number alone makes it decent for an Elemental build. Verdict: R10 / E8
  • Don’t be fooled by: Bone-Linked Amulet. More +Spirit. You know the drill.


  • Who knows? he drops the entire loot table, with the exception of Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad loots, so refer to the appropriate entry.


  • T7 Leg Token (E-R) – Valuable for either, and best-in-slot for either prior to Naxx-25. If you’ve got a roll left at this point, use it as you’re probably going to wind up looking for either this or the headpiece to get your 4/5 bonus. Verdict: R9 / E9

Instructor Razuvious:

  • Iron Rings of Endurance (R-E) – At this point, you’re probably sporting the Limb Regeneration Bracers from Drak’Tharon, so this upgrade means adding MP5 and swapping out Haste for Crit. That’s a win for either spec. You’re not going to find a better piece until Naxx-25 here, either. Verdict: R9 / E8

Gothik the Harvester:

  • Signet of the Malevolent (E) – Top shelf DPS caster ring, this would only be better if it had Crit instead of Haste. Still, that’s an excellent amount of +hit, and this is one of the slots that you are able to stack that stat. Minimal value for a pure Resto player as it is inferior to either Heroic ring. Verdict: R1 / E10
  • Heinous Mail Chestguard (R-E) – Not a bad piece on its own, the only weakness being that most people will favor the Tier setpiece instead. However, it’s worth noting that the T7 Resto Chest has Haste instead of Crit, and the Elemental piece sports a lower Crit number (even with socket bonus). Definitely worth picking up if you don’t have the T7 piece already, and also has a lot of value for building an offspec set if you do because of its versatility after socketing. Verdict: R8 / E7

The Four Horsemen:

  •  T7 Chestpiece Token (E-R) – Personally, I wouldn’t waste the roll here unless it’s yours by default. Since the same thing is easily obtained via Emblems (80), it’s better to apply those towards it and collect a harder to find item. On pure value as an item, though… Verdict R8 / E8


  • Helmet of the Inner Sanctum (E-R) – Forget for a moment that the very next boss can drop the T7 Head Token, this piece is sick. Everything you need is there in spades. Sure, it doesn’t have MP5, but that’s easily remedied by socketing an Insightful Earthsiege Diamond (approx 50 MP5 value) in it. Elemental? How about a nice Chaotic Skyflare Diamond? On top of that, You’re probably wearing a serviceable but inferior blue like Helm of the Lightning Halls at this point anyhow. Get this. Verdict: R9 / E10
  • Circle of Life (R-E) – Somewhat of a sidegrade for most Resto casters, it’s more or less equivalent to the Heroic rings, sacrificing some Haste and Stamina for MP5. From an Elemental standpoint, it’s not all that desirable. Verdict: R4 / E1


  • T7 Head Token (E-R) – If Helmet of the Inner Sanctum just dropped and you got it, you’re out of the running for this. That said, if it didn’t, its a priority item as it represents one of only 2 upgrades for the slot prior to Naxx-25, and is a huge helper towards your 4/5 T7 bonus. Pass it if the Hammer dropped, but not otherwise. Verdict: R10 / E10
  • The Soulblade (E) – I’m breaking from tradition here. Yes, it has Spirit. it also has an outlandish amount of spellpower and includes +hit as well. Consider this, if you are Elemental (or if you’re Resto, and your weapon really sucks). Verdict: R2 / E7
  • Hammer of the Astral Plane (E-R) – There’s gonna be some competition for this, as Priests, Druids and Paladins are all going to covet it too. In terms of itemization, the only better piece in this slot is the counterpart that Kel’Thuzad drops in Naxx-25, or Wraith Strike. So what if it lacks MP5, this baby is a beauty. Verdict: R10 / E10
  • Cloak of the Dying (R-E) – Kind of like the Drape of Surgery, but with Crit instead of Haste. While an Elemental caster might prefer something with +hit, it’s still a fine item. Verdict: R8 / E6

  Finally, an overall priority list for what *I* would want. Top 5 items for each spec, if you could pick anything. I’ll call it, “If I could have just one item from Naxx-10, I’d take….”

Restoration Builds:

  1. Hammer of the Astral Plane
  2. T7 Head Token / Helmet of the Inner Sanctum
  3. T7 Shoulder Token
  4. Boots of Persistence
  5. Aegis of Damnation

Elemental Builds:

  1. Hammer of the Astral Plane
  2. T7 Head Token / Helmet of the Inner Sanctum
  3. T7 Shoulder Token
  4. Signet of the Malevolent
  5. Aegis of Damnation

Obsidian Sanctum

  What is listed here represents the combined loot of the 10/25 man loot tables. Note that some of this requires having one or two Drakes up, and that feat isn’t likely to be accomplished until you’re well into Naxx-25 anyhow. OS version / Drake requirement listed after items.

  • T7/7.5 Glove Token (R-E) – The relative ease of acquiring this piece through Obsidian Sanctum (versus 60 Emblems) is a big lure here. The T7 gloves are nice, but ultimately less of an upgrade than some other loot drops; if you’re forced to pick between rolling on these or something else, try for the other item first. (10/25)
  • Circle of Arcane Streams (E) – No wasted itemization here, and it has +hit. Definitely worth your roll if you’re Elemental. (10)
  • Wyrmrest Band (R) – Superior to anything short of 25 man Naxx and Emblem of Valor loot. (25)
  • Volitant Amulet (R-E) – Very, very good Resto piece and adaptable to Elemental duty via socket. (10+1)
  • Council Chamber Epaulets (R-E) – Augmented version of the Retcher’s Shoulderpads. Superior in some aspects for Resto Shamans to the T7 shoulder, but surpassed by T7.5. (25)
  • Mantle of the Eternal Sentinel (E-R) – Despite the fact that they are leather, there is no wasted itemization here. Best in slot for Elemental build prior to Naxx-25. (25)
  • Illustration of the Dragon Soul (E-R) – Blizzard keeps on nerfing it, but it remains the best DPS trinket in the game and has a lot of Healing synergy as well. If it drops, this is your priority roll, period – regardless of build. Basically, it’s +200 spellpower on every boss fight. (25)
  • Bountiful Gauntlets (R) – Only Malygos-25 has a better item available for this slot at present. Can be used for Elemental, but really favors Resto. (25+1)
  • Pennant Cloak (E) – Every other DPS caster will be rolling on this too, as it’s currently best in slot. Given the feat required to get it to drop, you might never see it, though. (25+2)
  • Sabatons of Firmament (E-R) – Remarkably similar to the far-easier-to-obtain Treads of Coastal Wandering, the socket in these does allow for a bit more DPS functionality. (25+2)



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