Har-de-har “3.1 Patch Notes” Review

5 02 2009

  Yes, I realize that they’re false at this point. Initially, you could glance over them and see enough that made sense to believe it.. but when you actually have some time to sit down and read ’em, there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense.

  So, why write any more? Well, two reasons. For starters, despite the mishmash of buff-after-buff contained in them, I think that there were a few good ideas worth a second look. Secondly, these sort of workups frequently start with actual notes that get added to, modified and built on until they form what you saw last post. Bottom line, there’s a grain of authenticity in there, with some of those comments. While it’s certain at this point that those notes aren’t representative of the actual patch, here’s some of the stuff I takeaway from it that I think *would* be welcome in the game, and help balance out some current issues.


  • Ulduar: We know this is true, and it’s coming. Yay!
  • The Ruby Sanctum: Not sure if this has any basis, but there is certainly room within the Chamber of Aspects (much like CoT) to add more little “Onyxia Style” Raids. I think it would be kind of cool if they added one for each Dragonflight eventually, popping in there to sweep through 4 quick hitters would be a fun night of raiding.
  • Silver Covenant / Sunreavers: You’ve got to think that they become active eventually. Whether they are more PvP-based faction reps or what, I don’t know – but I’m hoping that they do offer some different Emblem / Reputation goodies.
  • Dual Talent Spec: I haven’t had the courage to look at my “statistics” page in a while to see what I’ve spent switching between Ele and Resto, but I’m likely more than halfway to 4 digits, if not 3/4. I don’t support the “quick-switch” aspect of it as something that can be done in the field; I think it should be more like going to a Lexicon of Power to swap Glyphs where it requires you to go to a Capital City, just without the bankruptcy bonus that spec switching has right now.
  • Potency Rating: Bad idea. Keep the stats separate.
  • Wintergrasp: Yes please on the teleport out, I hate being a free HK. As to latency in high-pop areas? Good luck.

Death Knights:I don’t know anything about this class other than facerolling the keyboard right now, so I can’t really address this. Better to close your mouth and be thought the fool than open it and remove all doubt, and I sure as heck don’t know what I’m talking about here so I won’t pretend.

Druids:The Shapeshift one is interesting, as most don’t have to do it more than every 3 seconds anyhow and this would alleviate a lot of issues with Ferals lacking anything approximating a mana pool. Kind of radical, admittedly. The Swipe radius thing – something would be nice that allowed AOE tanking in the rear 180 degrees of the Bear, but I don’t know if that’s the answer. I’m definitely for a reduction in the Wild Growth cooldown, though. Beyond that, I’m fairly happy with the 3.0.8 Druid – things are feeling a lot more fixed / competitive than before, and I’m comfortable with my class again.

Hunters:I generally support the stuff that goes towards making exotic pets have some “above and beyond” skills or attributes. They should be special, a BM Hunter has invested damn near all of their talent points to make them so – and keeping pets alive in Raids takes skill sometimes, so it rewards good players. Other than that, something is just broken IMHO when Surv > MM for DPS. I think BM should be the highest DPS, with the caveat that you lose some effectiveness on things like traps to do it, and have to keep the pet alive. MM should produce the highest pet-independent damage (and noticeably so), while Survival is all about utility by nature and thus, DPS should be lesser (though still competitive). I think the current changes are kind of getting away from what my perception of the spirit of things is.

Mages:I’ll admit, I’m in favor of upping their DPS. I hate it that Mages are in Raids for Biscuits + Arcane Intellect. Old school role playing guy that I am, I feel like they should be among the highest DPS in the game as they sacrifice health and armor to make it happen. The Glass Cannon tradeoff… and it’s still lame to see Locks annihilating Mages all the time on the WWS. More parity, please. So what do I like here? Most of it. I’ll bet that the bit about Combustion comes true, since that would parallel what they did to Elemental Mastery for Shammies.

Paladins:Auras should be off the GCD, I can dig it. They did this with Barkskin, and it makes sense. This section of notes is where some of the more outrageous material showed up in the patch notes, too. Note the comments for Divine Plea, Judgement of the Wise, Crusader Strike and Exorcism are all pretty funny. Consequently, I don’t think many of these notes can be viewed as possibly true.

Priests:Yet another class I don’t know. My Priest is a lvl 1 bank alt whom I’ll level once I have 9 80’s – so, never.

Rogues:While the believability of a lot of this is pretty overboard, a lot of the comments seem to be more at the Combat tree. I’m thinking one of two things here: either our author is a bitter Combat Rogue, or Blizz really does have some stuff in store to help bring Combat back up on par with Mutilate-specced Rogues. Killing Spree certainly needs a buff, that’s for sure. Amusing entry: “Kick: damage significantly increased”. What, after they just made it zero?

Shaman:I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new healing mechanics enter. A lot of the gimmicky add-on stuff doesn’t include Chain Heal at all (Ancestral Awakening, Healing Way) so it’s less valuable as there aren’t a lot of HW-spamming Shamans out there. Riptide / Earthliving coefficients could certainly use some work, though I wouldn’t expect to see severe buffs applied as that would likely weigh too much in favor of Shaman Healers vs every other class. Elemental is looking to be pretty normalized now after 3.0.8, and Enhancement is dealing ridiculous damage. I don’t think much more tinkering will be done with those specs.

Warlocks:Who knows. They’re still pissed off about being less effective in PvP, sure… but Lock DPS remains obscene in Raids. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Demonology tree buffed somewhat, because 95% of all Raiding Warlocks are either Affliction or Destruction, but if there’s one class (besides Hunters!) that doesn’t need a DPS increase to be competitive in Raids, it’s Warlocks.

Warriors:I’m still more or less a neophyte on this class too… but what I see right now is Prot Warriors as the most consistent tanks, and Fury dealing ZOMG DPS. Not too much broken or uncompetitive… critical block is a cool idea, though.


  • Alchemy: Hell yes, the runic potions should cost 1 less Icethorn / Lichbloom. They’re too cost-prohibitive for what they are at this point, that stuff is so annoying to farm.
  • Inscription: More Glyphs, please. Especially minors, as a lot of classes only have 7-8 to pick from anyhow. It’d be nice to see a Glyph for every ability, if only to force players to select 3 from a list that might have 7-8 viable choices for the spec and reduce the min/max effect that is so prevalent today.
  • Enchanting: As much as I might detest farming a Raid mob (see: Moroes) for a specific enchant, it’s certainly less fulfilling to know that you can now buy everything from a trainer. I’m in favor of adding some drops.
  • Engineering: The Bike is too expensive, and the gimmicks aren’t good enough. Still a fun profession, but one that needs some love for functionality. It would be nice if Engineers had more BOE stuff that was usable by non-Engineers. Belts? I dunno. Trinkets might be a good focus area. Maybe bows and crossbows too?
  • Blacksmithing: I suppose if I were to add anything to this, it would be some Mail love. I’m glad that they can finally craft shields, though. It would be nice to see a greater variety of craftable weapons as well, outside of 78 different maces.
  • Jewelcrafting: You know epic gems (along with epic prices) are coming eventually, so I’ll buy that one.

Other stuff (that I’d like to see):

  • Customizable Raid Frames (say, the option to make it like Grid)
  • The idea of confirmation dialogue for a saved instance is a fine idea.
  • Display the bank as one large tab? Yes, please.
  • Add new currencies to the Currency Tab: I don’t know how much you really can do, but I’d like to see some kind of consolidation icon for Tabards like they use for Keys.
  • Netherweave and frostweave for rep? Might actually make netherweave worthwhile again.
  • Trade multiple Emblems of Heroism for a single Emblem of Valor: this makes sense. Yes, it should be high – but given that full-clear of all 25 man content right now means 24 Emblems of Heroism a week (assuming Maly is 2, as I’m not sure), and friggin’ bracers are 60… it just takes way too long to get anything here.
  • I bet the one for Damnation is true, it’s stats suck for the iLevel.



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