Naxxramas Strategy: Gothik the Harvester

17 01 2009
editor’s note: to date, I have not been able to run any of Naxx on 25-man (heroic) difficulty, so the boss mechanics may change slightly in that format. This post is addressed from the 10-man setting.  

Many, if not all of you are taking your first steps into Naxx by now. On most servers, a large number of guilds have successfully cleared it in its entirety at this point as well. I’m writing more for those who are new here, in order for you to better help understand the mechanics of the fights and what to expect so that you can successfully collect your epics! Regardless of what role you have in the fights – tank, DPS or healing – I’d recommend that you read over the roles that each group will be performing in order to have a clear understanding of how the whole fight will go.

Gothik the Harvester

Gothik is the second boss of the Military Wing. Gothik himself has substantially lower heath than any other boss in Naxxramas, and is one of the least difficult bosses in the entire instance. The fight with him is really more about the event than the actual boss fight and as long as the Raid can manage the adds in a timely manner, should not present much of a problem at all.

  Trash is minimal between Instructor Razuvious and Gothik, though somewhat formidable in nature. Immediately past Razuvious, you will encounter a multitude of enchanted weapons floating through the air. The axes and swords are fairly standard tank-and-spank mobs, but the staves are far more difficult as they do AOE damage. Make them the first kill target whenever they are present. If you are careful with your pulls and don’t add patrols, the room should be fairly easy to clear. A few Death Knight patrols linger in the hallway leading up to his room, but they are scarcely any different than the ones of their ilk that you have already faced. At the end of the hallway, an archway will open to the right and the rooms in which the Gothik event takes place. Go ahead and enter, he won’t aggro – but get ready for a fight!

Tanks – Two tanks will be necessary for this fight. Much like the platforms in the Thaddius fight, the Raid will be divided into 2 autonomous groups for the majority of this fight, so build your 5-man groups around the tanks. Note the room in front of you; it is (more or less) an hourglass shape with two areas divided by a narrow gate (currently open). the side that you are standing on is the “Live” side, and the one through the gateway is the “Dead” side. One, 5-person group will be assigned to each side.

  Before starting the fight, break your team into two relatively even groups. Each group will need one Tank and one Healer. DPS should be relatively even, with a slight edge favoring the Dead Side group. Once teams are picked, the Dead Side team should assemble in the back right corner (from the entryway, directly through the gate and into the far corner). Dead Side should position themselves in this corner so that the Healer and DPS is located behind their Tank, with the Tank more towards the middle of the room than them (but within about 10 yards) in order to pick up inbound mobs that will be spawning from the bone piles around the room. Live Side unit should set up in approximately the middle of the room.

  Once all are in position, begin the encounter by having one person from the Live Side target Gothik with a ranged attack.

  For the first 4 1/2 minutes or so, Gothik will remain on the balcony overlooking the room. Three kinds of mobs will enter at intervals, coming slowly and in weaker forms at the outset and building in strength and numbers as this phase progresses. You will face (in ascending order of danger) Unrelenting Trainees, Unrelenting Death Knights and Unrelenting Riders.  As the mobs are dispatched, they will be sent to the other side of the room where they will respawn (simply replace the word “Unrelenting” with “Spectral”) and be faced again. The Spectral variants are marginally stronger than their live counterparts, but not by very much.

  Note that the Live Side is directly responsible for the speed at which mobs are spawning on the Dead Side. Though either team should not have any difficulty keeping up, if the Dead Side is overwhelmed at all then the Dead Side tank should direct Live Side DPS to relax for a moment if possible.

  Once the add event has reached a certain timer, Gothik will teleport into the battle on the Live Side. Note that adds will not despawn and will still need to be dealt with, so get them down first. Few, if any should be left on the Live Side at this point, however.

  Gothik Will teleport over to the Dead Side, near the center of the room after a short time and be fought there, so that Tank should be prepared in advance by moving to the middle of the room. He will then teleport back to the Live Side, and return again to the Dead Side before going to the Live Side for the final time. When he performs this final teleport, the gate will also open allowing the two groups to merge together again.

DPS – DPS will be assigned 3 per side (one Healer may be pulled for DPS duties). Damage output of each group should be roughly similar with a slight advantage (if there is one) going to the Dead Side group.

  For the first 4 1/2 minutes or so, your job is only to DPS the adds as they come in. Trainees will go down easily and are not a threat. Death Knights are stronger, but still relatively insignificant, not much stronger than average trash mobs in heroics. The Riders are the only ones that should be regulated and dealt with methodically; be careful that you don’t send too many adds (via AOE death) to the Dead Side along with a Rider.

  Overall, the event should not prove too difficult for competent DPS to handle. Once the event reaches approximately 4:30, Gothik will teleport into the Live Side and attack. He has very low health – under 850,000 – and will go down quickly. Be sure to first eliminate all Live Side adds remaining before you engage him; Dead Side should work to clean up their side as expediantly as possible at this point in order to prepare for his entry.

  He will teleport over to the Dead Side to engage that group after a short bit. Live Side should have nothing to do but top off health meters and let a little bit of mana regenerate while he fights over there. He will return shortly, though so have a big burst of DPS waiting for him. Again he will go back to the Dead Side before one final teleport back into the Live group, at which point the gate will open and the battle will be joined by the full Raid. Gothik should be at least halfway down at this point; the longer he is up, the more he will stack the Harvest Soul debuff (-10% stats per, up to 9 stacks, which is a sort of time limiter to the fight).  Continue to assault him until he drops, and the encounter is over.

Healers– Gothik will require two Healers. Due to the DPS requirements from splitting the team into 2 units, if a third Healer is present, they will have to function in a DPS role for this fight. Shamans and Druids make the best choices for this role given their innate versatility.

  Nothing about the add phase should be too difficult for a Healer to handle. There will be some direct attacks, and some Shadow Bolt volleys, but it’s really not much different than healing a heroic pull.

  Note that many of the adds are Death Knights, and thus use disease as a means of attack; for this reason, a Disease Cleansing Totem should be deployed if available, ideally one per group if two Shamans are present. If not, do your best to stay on top of Cleansing when there is available time in the fights.

  Once Gothik engages, he will DPS purely via Shadowbolts, one per second for a few thousand damage on the primary aggro target. Prepare in advance with Prayer of Shadow Protection or a Paladin Shadow Protection Aura, but it’s not difficult to heal through either. Use any time that you have while he is teleported away to top off your side of the Raid, and it should prove a quick study.




One response

5 05 2009

This fight can be a lot easier with a decently geared team. Try this method:

Keep all 10 people on the living side of the event and start the event. Make sure to leave one tank (preferably a prot paladin) next to the gate.

Everyone dps down the living side, it is super easy with everyone on the same side and you wont come close to wiping at all. Once the first phase is done on the living side the door will open and all of the undead will charge through. With a simple consecration and holy wrath the Tank by the door can easily grab and stun all of the adds briefly and depending on the build of your party you should be able to burn them all down very quickly (healers just be careful to watch the tank). When Gothik comes you are all in one place and you can just hit him harder when you see him.

My guild does it this way every time and we never wipe. Usually IF anyone dies its a clothie who somehow ends up in the middle of the fray when the gate opens because they are not paying attention.

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