I (un)Packed My Bags, Pre Flight….

12 11 2008

  Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go-o-o, I wanna be sedated….

  Tonight, I’ll have to begin preparations for Wrath. Sure, I won’t be heading there immediately with my full retinue – there will most certainly have to be a levelling plan and order – but I know that I’m not going to have a whole lot of time to deal with loose ends in the near future. So, tonight and tomorrow, my to-do list:

  • Clear out everyone’s quest log of anything that’s not remotely relevant. I’ll probably allow 3-5 quests to remain that may have some kind of usage, or with a difficult element (Vashj’s vial remnant, for instance) completed. Like they say in the used car business, though – everything else must go!
  • Get the extra crap out of my bags. If it relates to Outlands, I don’t need it. Restock bullets, reagents, potions and food / water. Empty out my herb and mining bags. I’m going to need space for a lot of new stuff, so no sense gimping myself.
  • Respec! out of 7 level 70 characters, only the Rogue (Combat) and Paladin (Prot) are going to level in their present specs. Manchego will go from Resto to Elemental; Eltoro will switch from Survival to Beast Mastery; Ribeye will go back to Feral, but with a cat-centric bent this time. Bubba will go into Frost, the first time he’s ever been anything but Fire, and Noobz will go away from her raiding Destuction spec and back into s grind-friendly Demonology spec.
  • Reorganize a bunch of action bars after that!
  • Get to da choppa! I’ll have to leave my spots in assorted inns to go log at zeppelin towers!

Yeah, it’s gonna be a whole lotta fun.




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