Weekend Accomplishments…

4 11 2008

Lots of stuff got done this weekend, including a few minor watershed moments:

  • Eusko tanked Kara, some as offtank but much as main… including Prince! Managed to acquire boots and Spite’s shoulders, placing me just a tick under uncrittable. Looks like he’s rounding into form…
  • Perhaps feeling a little saucy after that, he OT’d a full-clear ZA. I was pretty proud of the way I played, didn’t get folded by Nalorakk or Halazzi and, once the adds were down on Malacrass, I think I did a great job of maximizing my abilities by supplementing heals during the Spirit Bolts, bubbling, auras, etc.
  • Got my feet wet in Black Temple.
  • Got enough badges for Manchego to get her 100-badge Runed Scales of Antiquity.
  • Moved enough merch on the Bank Alt to purchase the 4th tab (1000g), and then enough other merch to build the bankroll back up over 1000g by the end of the weekend.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased. Better if I could have worked in a ZA run for Manchego – she was supposed to go on the one where Eusko OT’d, but I needed to switch so that we could make it work. Still, I’m very satisfied.




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