Scourge Invades, Brings Epics. Here’s the Basics.

31 10 2008

  Alright, until last night I hadn’t even done anything with this event. Looking over most of my characters, I don’t know that I really need to do it for much of the gear (outside of some gloves and tabards, maybe)… but it’s kind of fun and easy to do, and the potential benefits for a DPS specced character in need of gear are notable.

  The basics go like this: several zones across Azeroth are experiencing Scourge invasions. Azshara, Eastern Plaguelands and Winterspring are 3; I don’t remember the others off the top of my head, but an Argent Dawn person in capital cities can tell you where the rest of the Ziggerauts are. All you need to do is travel to one of the areas under attack, and look up in the sky for the floating pyramid. The ziggerauts will periodically fire Shadowbolts and such into the terrain. Watch where they go; at the landing points, you’ll find a ridiculous amount of undead clustered around a stationary crystal shard. If you’re lucky, nobody is there farming them when you arrive. These locations are your targets.

  You’ll face 3 general groups of mobs across several different types. The majority of these are non-elite melee types, ghouls and such. They respawn at a ridiculous rate and drop a few things of note, chief among these being Necrotic Runes. The runes are a kind of Argent Dawn currency, but we’ll revisit that. They will infrequently drop a letter of some kind; there are actually 6 varieties of this letter. Each one starts a quest that is finished via turnin in Eastern Plaguelands. Finally, there is a unique memento that drops – it’s an item like the Heavy leather ball, or Voodoo Skull that can be thrown from player to player but otherwise has no real purpose.

  Mixed in with these are rare spawns, either ghosts or abominations. The rares are only marginally tougher than their counterparts and drop multiple runes. Additionally, the rares will drop an epic pair of pants slated for DPSers. Whether you receive cloth, leather, mail or plate appears to be completely random, but they spawn frequently enough that any concerted farming effort should yield the desired pair for your character. as near as I can tell, the drop rate for a pair is 100%. I don’t know whether they are disenchantable for Void Crystal farming, but they are saleable so I tend to think that they can be.

  Either type will grant you Argent Dawn rep – 10 for the little guys, 20 for the rares. It appears that this lasts all of the way until exalted, so you could theoretically farm your way to it via these if you were so inclined (and had a lot of time on your hands!)

  Killing either of these types will cause the central crystal to sustain damage. Once enough mobs around a given crystal have been slain, the crystal will enter phase II. During this phase, the non-elite trash mob types change, though they are still melee undead. However, each crystal will have 4 channelers that surround it. Talking to a channeler and expending 8 of your runes will cause it to transform into an elite; be sure to tap this mob quickly with some kind of damaging ability so that your kill does not get stolen – these are valuable mobs! The elite is a level 70 wraith melee mob. it will periodically fear any targets present (other than the tank), regardless of whether they are in your group. They don’t hit particularly hard, though they are fairly durable. Upon their death, they will always surrender 30 Necrotic Runes and have a chance to drop an epic chestpiece. Like the rares, the material that it is composed of is random, and the stats will lean towards raw damage (attack power or spellpower, if cloth) and haste. Armor values are about on par with Karazhan / T4 drops.

  Together these pieces form a set “of Undead Slaying”, with a set bonus of increasing percentage damage vs undead mobs that increases as 2, 3 or 4 pieces of the set are acquired. Plate drops have Strength and Stamina. Mail will be slotted Agility, Stamina and Intellect. Leather, Agility and Stamina while cloth brings Intellect, Stamina and Spirit.

  Once you’ve killed enough to accumulate several of the runes (at least 40, but up to 116 for everything), go to Light’s Hope Chapel in EPL. There, you will have a few quests to complete. Up to six are concerning the letters that you retrieved. Eventually, these will lead to a letter in your mailbox that directs you to Silithus to continue the process. Another quest there will ask you to retrieve 10 of the runes – already in your possession. Simply talk to him again and turn them in, and you can now redeem runes at the Argent Quartermaster. 15 runes will get you an epic pair of gloves from the set. The same fare also nets you a pair of shoulders to round out the set, though they’re inexplicably a blue item (and, for some reason, bugged when you try to link them to friends). You can also get assorted Argent loots there. The tabard is very nice, only 8 runes. The Argent War Horn is practically a must-have for amusement’s sake. It summons a paladin to your aid on use (10 minute cooldown), and he’s a riot. He’ll show up on a horse, stick around for about 20 or 30 seconds (I forgot to notate how long), and then leave. How he leaves is classic, though. Rather than simply disappear like most summons, he bubble hearths! The rest of the items are all trinkets of some kind or other, though I have yet to use any to see how effective (or, non effective) they can be.

  Overall, outside of the kill stealing and general griefing at spawn sites, this is an enjoyable event. it’s a quick study to slaughter enough Scourge to attain your desired amount of runes, so you can (pants / chest drops permitting) easily wrap it all up in a two-hour span. Much more entertaining, in my mind, than the Zombie pvp/AH/banker/flight master/quest giver bomb epidemic of last week. if you have lesser-geared DPS characters at or near 70, then go do this! The loots are too good and too obtainable to pass up if you’re still in blues and greens.




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