Bank Alts – Convenience is a Menace

30 10 2008

  I have no idea why it’s taken me almost 2 years to do this. Maybe I just needed to let my inner packrat finally accumulate enough junk that it all came to a head, though I’ve actually been quite organized across all of the alts. Yesterday, I squished my Death Knight placeholder and made a dedicated Bank Alt. Euskogudari, you are relieved of your duties at last. I made the new banker a Priest, since anything else would prohibit me from ever fitting one into my 10 slot Skywall allotment; he’s still level one like a proper banker, though. He’s also my only Troll, so I gave him a name that I had been considering for my DK, should I have taken a Troll. With a thank you to Jan’Alai for the inspiration, I’d like you all to meet Tazagachoo!

  The secondary factor for me doing this was to have some asset synergy with my wife. Occasionally, I need things from her. More often, she needs some kind of material (usually gold, though she’s great at repaying it) from me. She’s also reluctant to post nearly anything for auction without consulting me first as there are so many items that are worth more than one might think at a glance. So, I created a new guild for us to share on these two characters. That way, she can simply funnel everything into the bank where I can then move it to auction as needed, and then return all of the profits to the community chest, and all of our consumable or crafting assets can be shared and stockpiled as well. I should have thought of this long ago, because for a husband / wife team it makes a lot of sense. She can’t rip me off and clean out the bank, I know where she lives…

  The really nasty part of this is getting signatures for the guild charter. I started off offering 2g, then 5. I solicited guildies to roll a level 1 alt to sign and help me out (I think I got 2-3 this way), but it was such a horrible, spammy experience to try and get that thing rounded out. By the time I got down to needing only 2 more, I was offering 15g a piece for the sigs – and it still took some time. You’d think more of the unguilded masses might be into getting paid 15g for the privilege of /gkicking them a few seconds later, but it’s apparently not the case – as if joining a bank alt guild and getting summarily booted is some kind of scarlet letter that will preclude you from future raiding on all of your alts.

  The story ends well, though. I got my sigs, booted anyone who wasn’t my wife, and now I’m the proud GM of <Rollin on Shabbos>. Bonus points to you if you get it.

  Just like in real life, the moving sucks. I’ve had to clean so much out of my bank slots in the consolidation that it’s ridiculous. I think there were 5 complete pages of mail in my inbox for Tazagachoo, most of which were 12 items deep. If this was back in the day when you could only mail single items, I think that I’d still be doing it! It’s been all the more complex due to recent levelling and purchases; I only had enough cash on me to buy the first 2 tabs at the outset – and it’s not close to enough space! Fortunately, I moved enough junk that I’ve got money to purchase tab #3 when I get home from work tonight, and that should give me the breathing room that I’m after insofar as having some semblance of organization to the whole mess.




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