88 Bars About 4.4 Levels

25 10 2008

With apologies to The Nails.

  Finally did it last night, officially un-twinked myself and started into levelling Inyaki, the Warrior. Went all of the way from 0 bars into 39 to 8 bars into 43 between last night and this morning. Understandably, it’s kind of cost-prohibitive to do something like this for fun – but, should you ever find yourself in a position that you bag out on a twink character and start levelling it, it’s hilarious fun.

  I’m more or less unkillable by anything remotely close to my level right now. Health in excess of 3800 and dealing a solid amount of damage – Execute crits in excess of 1500 last night at times, and white damage as high as the 500s. I decided that I’d roll through Duskwallow marsh to kick it all off as I was about 2-3 levels up on the place and that made it easy under normal circumstances. With a ridiculously overgeared character, it makes it laughable. I was even able to beat down Overlord Mok’morok (or whatever his name is), a 45 elite, at level 42.

  Currently running through STV (pleasantly surprised to see that I hadn’t even touched it.) It’s been over a year since I quested with this guy, so my memory about nearly everything is hazy. Kind of re-learning the Warrior setup, too. Maybe I would have liked PvP with him more if I could have actually played him well…

  Planning to focus more on raid content this weekend though if possible.  think that we’re going to go back to Hyjal on Saturday, as the post-3.0.2 incursion we had there last time was very successful, a one-shot on Rage Winterchill in our first fight against him! That expedition was cut short only because the instance servers took a dump again, so I’m definitely looking forward to this. That, and I missed the first go-round because it happened while I was at work. >.<

  Gameplan for the weekend is to get the Felsteel pieces together for Eusko so that his defense is there to OT Kara, and then get him a run. I’m going to try to get Manchego through a run as well for the badges – and the Chain Heal totem that supposedly drops off Maiden, unless I’m around. Sunday, I’ll have a new Zul’Aman ID and squeeze Manchego through that, too. Maybe the Mojo-Mender’s Mask finally drops for her… Assuming that I can pull that off, Manchego would be at ~80 badges (90 if I get the Blood of Zul’jin drop), very close to the Runed Scales of Antiquity that I’ve targeted as my next pickup. I like the Heart-Flame Leggings enough (Spellpower difference is only nominal, assuming 2 x Royal Nightseye), it’s just that the lack of inherent MP5 is gimpy. That change would swing me up 19 more MP5, and I think that will be sufficient to put me over the top for most fights. Unsure just how much Hyjal we’ll get into; a successful Saturday could mean a concerted second effort on Sunday. That’d be a blast.




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