Ding Again: 7 x 70

24 10 2008

  Hit the big 7-oh last night in the early Netherstorm quests on the Paladin, bringing the sum total to seven characters at level 70. I’m missing a Warrior, Priest and Death Knight to complete my collection!

  No great stash of level 70 gear waiting in the wings for Eusko, though. I’ve more or less vowed to be budget conscious with him at this point since I feel like I’d be better off saving my cash for Lich King goings-on. I’ll probably try to get enough gear together for him that he can be a viable offtank for Karazhan in a week or less (what’s that really take these days? 485 defense and not a lot else!), so that I can push him through all or part of 1-2 runs and at least acquire a few pieces of gear to make life easier on him once the 70-80 levelling grind happens.

  Even though he’s one of the more recent 70s, he’s fairly high on my priority list to 80 as Paladin tanks appear to be much improved for WotLK play. Right now, some of the trials that I’ve put him through have been curious. It seems that, so long as the mob isn’t casting or mana draining, he can take on a high number of mobs at once with good survivability. Sometimes, though, it’s sort of mystifying. For instance, I soloed two early Netherstorm quests last night in “It’s a Fel Reaver, but with heart” and “Breaking down Netherrock”. In each case, the result was absolutely laughable. Not that I haven’t been able to solo these before on other characters, but never this easy, in such (relatively) poor gear. The Netherrock fight, I think I finished with about 75% health and mana. Never even in doubt. The Fel Reaver thing, all I did was beat on said Reaver, and let Consecrate, Shield Block and Retribution Aura, plus the occasional Avenger’s Shield, take care of the adds. With the mana return from Seal of Wisdom, and the Judgement of Light (or whatever, still learning the new names) on the Reaver the whole time replenishing mana and health, this too was a breeze. I’m not sure that any of my other characters have soloed that fight, either.

  By contrast, I almost got my butt handed to me by 2 Nether Rays and 2 Phase Hunters. Go figure. I expected that the “Wanted: Annihilator Servo” one would be taxing, as he pops off an Arcane Blast effect with some regularity. That one actually necessitated a heal to keep me comfortable… but only because one of those damn mana draining Phase Hunters happened by and made a nuisance out of itself. So, I think I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some of the Felsteel set, or Khorium Ward pieces in the AH (or maybe just have ’em crafted, what the hell) to get him Kara capable. In earlier times, I would actually act responsible and run some 5-mans for better stuff, but Kara is such a laughingstock now that I just can’t bring myself to invest the time – especially with WotLK just on the horizon.

  So now, it’s looking like the Warrior’s turn. I still have Inyaki at 39 and Derting at 30, but I’m leaning more and more to Inyaki for several reasons. For starters, I don’t have any other Orcs, and there’s just something wrong about having as many 70s as I do without an Orc. It’s The Horde, for crissakes. Second, he *does* have a 9 level jump on Derting, and he’s twinked as hell right now, which should make for some rawrpowerlevelling. Really, though, I can’t get past the fact that he’s a 300 skill Blacksmith. Nothing is more of a nuisance to level than that, not even Enchanting – and I’m past the major PITA portion with all the Thorium. So, screw twinking. I never really liked PvP anyhow, and Warrior tanks are looking like they have cooler and cooler toys to play with every day. The real question is: with 3 weeks to go until WotLK, can I mash 70 by then?

  It’s 620 bars to 70, we’ve got a level and a half of rested XP, 3700 health and an epic two-hander. Hit it.




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