Gruul’s Lair: Patch 3.0.2

23 10 2008

  For this one, I ran with a pure PuG. Someone in trade channel was looking to start a group up, and when his numbers started looking good enough that it would actually go off, I signed on with Manchego as one of five (though there may have been a 6th) healers for the event.

  Initial pulls of the Brutes on the runup to Maulgar were nothing difficult. Before, these had to be handled with care, tanked away from each other so that their charge mechanics would not send them careening into each other. We would also attack them with the entire group (in charge range, at least) hugging the butt of the current kill target so as to suppress the charges. This time, nothing of the sort – just a brute force beatdown. Surprisingly, there were almost no problems with doing it this way, maybe one unlucky fatality on the way that was quickly rezzed.

  Maulgar was setting up to be interesting. For starters, we had only one Warlock in the raid.. and he was asking “what do I do?”. Lol. Pretty simple, guy. Enslave the Felpuppies and suicide them onto Olm. Of course, Olm detail is usually two or three Warlocks, for the reason that he tends to summon the critters faster than they die off. The Raid Lead, who will be the offtank for Gruul, is setting up with his Warrior to tank Kiggler. Yeah, the polymorph guy. Fortunately, we do have a Mage with over 10,000 health for Krosh. While I’m busy wondering exactly why the Moonkin in the raid isn’t on Kiggler, they finally sort it out with 2 Hunters on him, Raid Lead on Blindeye, appropriate Mage on Krosh, sole Warlock on Olm and a fairly well-geared Paladin on HKM. Ok, what the hell, sounds good. Besides, Maulgar only has 571,000 health now. That’s not even a 30-second lifetime in a 25-man raid under focus.

  The actual pull was started by the Mage, appropriately. What was NOT done was a single misdirection that I could tell. The initial result was chaos for the first 5-10 seconds of the fight, with damage spiking all over the board on people that shouldn’t have been taking much damage, and tanks that were taking hardly any. In the effort to keep everyone up, both tanks actually spike dangerously low on health, to the point that I was afraid we may lose the MT. Anyhow, the sound bites that you get from Maulgar are quite helpful in this fight for a progress report; hearing him say “you’ll not get this one so easy!”, or whatever a few times was a relief, especially when the second one hit and I knew Olm was down as that was my primary point of concern for our raid makeup. By the time all of the adds were down and it was just the HKM tank that was sustaining damage, healing was laughably easy. One-shot kill with a 25-man PuG.

  More of the same on Gruul trash, the Brutes just aren’t what they used to be. I think that you can almost speed pull these, and possibly even have 2 or more on the same tank if gear is good. We had a death here and there, maybe 1 or 2 per pull from the crude tactics that were being employed – but nothing of major concern.

  Gruul himself, I forgot to check the health bar before the pull.  I’m guessing that he’s around 1.5-1.7 million, it’s certainly not a lot. Initial pull on this got completely screwed by the Moonkin who had apparently mistaken this for Maiden of Virtue and was skirting the left wall for a vantage point. The bumbling Space Chicken tripped Gruul’s aggro radius along the way and we all got to start the fight, ready or not. Fortunately, it looked like everyone was inside. Amazingly, even though he took a shot or two from Gruul, the Moonkin didn’t die before a tank could establish aggro. I suppose that should have been a sign right there…

  Anyhow there was some confusion, predictably, as the MT and OT fought to establish proper aggro and move Gruul back to the center of the room. The only truly problematic aspect of this was the Hurtful Strikes, as they were initially landing on unintended targets, making for challenging healing. I think that this mostly got established after the first shatter; however, there were clearly some folks that didn’t get the shatter concept, or were just plain unlucky. We lost 3 or 4 on that initial one, and I took a pretty sizable hit myself. Still, the damage was more than manageable to heal through, especially on the tanks. Shatters #2 and 3 were similar to the first; between those, and cave ins, we lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-11 raiders. Both tanks were still up, and it appeared that no more than one or two of the fallen were healers so we still had some survivability. As it turns out, there wasn’t much more that would be needed, Gruul dropped before the 4th shatter. I didn’t see what growth he was on, likely somewhere around 6-7. He certainly wasn’t hitting too hard, it wasn’t terribly touch-and-go to keep the tanks up (or anyone else within range that wasn’t standing in a cave in).

  I lost out on the T4 Shaman legs even though I rolled a 98 – someone else rolled one as well, and I lost the rolloff like 60-27 or something. No big deal, I have decent enough legs already – though I’d love to get something with MP5 on it as well.

  Bottom line Gruul: if you can maintain some kind of effective spacing on the shatters, and are smart enough to not stand in cave ins, any remotely organized raid should be successful. He’s still dangerous, and the wrong actions can still wipe you – but the wiggle room on this fight is huge now. Maulgar is actually more difficult in my opinion, due to the fact that you have to coordinate 6 to 8 people in some kind of tanking capacity in order to pull it off. The speed with which the adds burn, though, means that you dont need a tank to hold someone at bay for very long as the Ogre advisers just don’t have the staying power that they used to. Elapsed time, first pull to Gruul death for this 25-man PuG? About 35 minutes. probably clearable in 15-20 for an organized raid if you get one-shots on the boss events.




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