Initial Impression: Inscription

17 10 2008

  So, I decided that I’d make Eusko my man with the scrolls. A reasonably logical choice given that he had only gathering skills prior to this, whereas all of my other 70’s have settled into specific crafting and gathering niches. I suppose that I could have worked it in for Bubba in place of mining as well, but I’m much more at ease dropping level 280 mining on a character with no crafting profession than I am dropping 375 mining to creat a character without gathering skills.

  Progression-wise, I’m at something like 291 right now, having hit a couple of notable walls in materials. The first one came around 140, when I ran short on Kingsblood – Wild Steelbloom – Grave Moss to make the Lion’s Ink, and then the more recent one when the Khadgar’s Whisker – Goldthorn – Fadeleaf connection had dried up enough to leave me short on Jadenfire Inks. From what I’ve noticed, these seem to be pretty common sticking points in the herb market. The low-end stuff all moves along pretty smartly, and the economy of points-per-herb is pretty good. I think too much was made of collecting the base herbs in most circumstances. High-end, there may be another slight shortfall with the Dreamfoil – Golden Sansam – Mountain Silversage level, though I think that the farming to remedy that might prove a tick easier.

  I’m a little bit mystified about the market economy on Glyphs. While the Major ones are certainly the usable ones, the market glut due to powerlevelling has driven the realistic demand near nothing. Myself, I’ve actually been sending the majority of them off to various guildies who may or may not find them useful. Minor Glyphs, on the other hand, are currently being posted at ridiculous prices, especially relative to their actual usefulness. Understandably, this is due to some perceived element of supply and demand, but the second part of that equation – demand – seems to be currently overlooked in favor of an attempt to recover all of the money someone spent on herbs. I mean, does it really matter if you can pick a lock in 1.25 seconds instead of 5? Nope. Some of them are actually useful – the Shaman Water Shield one, for instance – but most seem to err on the side of convenience. 60 minute Thorns comes to mind. The Penguin is currently playing hell on PvP, so i can kind of understand that.

  Admittedly, I’m disappointed that a lot of the Glyphs currently available seem to be the “B” grade. I was very much hoping to see the Chain Heal and Healing Wave ones, for instance. Glyph of Swipe adds a target or something to a tooltip that has been modified to have unlimited targets. Glyph of Healing Touch – 50% less healing, 1.5 seconds less cast time, 25% less mana cost – does nothing but effectively turn Healing Touch into Flash of Light… and the Flash of Light Glyph practically makes it into Regrowth. I don’t think any Pally would bite on that one, and even though most Druids don’t use HT a lot, it would remove the panic button “catch up” heal that so many will macro to Nature’s Swiftness for a tight spot. Lots of good Rogue ones and DPS Warrior ones, plus enough useful stuff for Shamans and Warlocks as to make it palatable.

  All in all, I guess that I’d say that my overall feeling for the Glyphs feels like bonus talent points… only, I’d like to qualify that statement because the talent points I’m referring to are the ones that you don’t want in most cases. You know, when you’re 8 points into your talent tree and desperately need something from the first two tiers to make it to tier 3, but you don’t really like the choices that much? Those are the kind of talents that the Glyphs have. “Yeah, I suppose it would be useful, but I don’t think I’ll use it much…”

  It *is* cool that you can make your own Darkmoon Cards now, though… though the mats are pretty steep. The Armor / Weapon Vellums are incredible too. I put some up in the AH today, chants that I have which are rarer and thus more desirable. Sold a Scroll of Potency for 300G in just a few hours. Interested to see what Vitality, 35 Agility to 2H or Mana Prime to Bracers may bring as those recipes are hard to find a chanter for. Have yet to use the Recall scrolls, though I think that rapid fire town portaling could be useful for questing – I remember Manchego as being pretty handy in levelling once I got Astral Recall, for those quests (like the Rexxar chain in Blades’ Edge) where you seem to keep running away from town and back again, over and over.

  Lastly, the other cool throw-in that I’ve seen so far was the one that lets you rename pets. Of course, ChompyChompy is always gonna be ChompyChompy… but now, you can take out one of those other pets in your Stable and come up with a better name for him if you want to. Better yet, have fun with your Guildies by naming your Bear after one of the Druids, or rename your Core Hound “ExWife” for a week ‘just because’. I guess it matters less now that you can just go out and tame anything, loyalty and levelling be damned… but still convenient for those sentimental pets with goofy names.




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17 10 2008
Stacey Derbinshire

Great Blog post. I am going to bookmark and read more often. I love the Blog template if you need any assistance customizing it let me know!

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