Cross Faction Crafting Madness

16 10 2008

  Prior to having a brand new cash dump (I’m looking at you, Inscription!), I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately. Outside of levelling the Pally, there just isn’t much to do. Nobody can gather the numbers for a 25 man these days (maybe now, after the patch), and even a 10-man is frequently proving fruitless, as evidenced by a failed Saturday Kara attempt… made even sadder by the fact that we had 2 top-notch tanks ready to go, and 2 very good healers, plus an outstanding Warlock. All of the required parts, just needing 5 DPS of whatever stripe – and we couldn’t get ’em.

  So, I turned my wandering eye towards what I *could* still do for gear upgrades. Having already coughed up the dough to get a set of the Black Temple level Healing mail bracers crafted for Manchego, I decided that I wanted to get the Sunwell gloves. The reagents for this alone are daunting. 30 Heavy Knothide Leather, 16 Nether Dragon Scales and 18 Primal Lifes are the easy part. 8 Primal Mights, those were easier for me than most as I have Ribby as a Transmute-specced Alchemist and my wife’s Shaman, Nessiness, is also Transmute specced. That left 6 Sunmotes.

  Skywall isn’t exactly known for deep progression Guilds. Proudmoore, we ain’t. Still, there are a few, Horde-side that have been there and I knew that Guild Banks were being cleared in order to make space for the expansion. After a little bit of digging, and a lot of patience, I was able to contact to the right people from <Noobdock Saints> about Sunmotes, and acquire enough for the gloves. The Ring is going to have to wait, but I’ll get it too in time. For the gloves alone though – 750g per mote, 4500 in total. I realize that it’s a pretty sizable amount, but I was able to farm that in the week prior, just playing a few hours at night and in the morning before work. Having lots of crafting at my fingertips to turn regular items into more valuable items pays off here. Anyhow, by Friday I had gathered everything that I needed, but overlooked one detail.

  I did not think my cunning plan all of the way through.

  Due to the limited Sunwell penetration within our server and faction, nobody had the recipe. I had always just assumed that someone, somewhere had dropped it, but I assumed wrong. Now, I was sitting around with over 5500g of mats, and I couldn’t auction the Sunmotes as it would look *terrible* for me to have begged them off someone with the promise of personal use, only to turn around and pawn them for profit. Thus, I had to do the unthinkable. I rolled an Alliance toon.

  Since I know Ironforge to be the Ally’s version of Orgrimmar, I elected to roll accordingly. Gnome Rogue, quick and dirty. Named her “Squizzle” because it just seemed to fit, replete with annoying purple ponytails. Stab – stab -stab to level 6 and I ran my little butt into IF. Now was the hard part. Wowjutsu listed the top three Ally guilds on the server as <Driven to Conquer>, <Disconnected> and <Aenima>. (*editor’s note, I know that the AE runs together, I don’t know enough to write that character) Anyhow, some digging and pinging turned up a crafter – in <Sacred Samophlange>. Predictably, the player wasn’t online. So I commenced smuggling.

  A quick inquiry in Guild chat for someone with an Alliance toon produced someone who not only had one, but would do both ends of the smuggling for me. As I was certainly nervous at the prospect of slipping over 5500g in materials through an AH for mere pennies, that anyone could buy up. What if it didn’t come through, that some lucky stiff hit “search” at just the right time and nabbed it all? Legitimate deal, no recourse. Nails were bitten.

  Thankfully, it all made it through – right about the time that I was able to locate my crafter, and so – to Perico, Champion of the Naaru, of <Sacred Samophlange> – thank you! I was the proud owner of a pair of Sun-Drenched Scale Gloves, the first (and only!) pair on Skywall’s Horde side. A few minutes of reverse smuggling later, they actually made it to the Horde side, too!

  This was one piece of gear that I definitely hesitated over the “Equipping this item will bind it to you” window on. What are they worth? 9000g? 12,000? Who in their right mind would even pay what I paid? I wound up equipping them anyhow, after burning 30 of Ribby’s Badges for gems, and sending them to Noobz to ‘chant em up. 6 % Haste now for Shammy healing, and (post patch), Spellpower is at something like 1060… roughly +2000 heals, pre-patch, I think. Whee!

  Now, I just need to farm up the mats for that Ring and do it all over again…




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