Ding 70!

17 09 2008

  It finally happened at 3:00 AM Sunday night / Monday morning! I hadn’t played a whole lot of WoW on Sunday after scrambling for nearly all of Saturday in a desperate push to get Manchego to 70 in time for the Guild’s bi-weekly full-Kara funtime clear. When I knew that I was going to fall short – 2 bars from 69 by the time I went to bed the night prior – I just kind of bagged out on it. I resumed play on her somewhere around 9:30 or 10:00 at night Sunday and proceeded to demolish Netherstorm. It was quite enjoyable, really, now that I’m learning fun Shammy tricks. Like, every 20 minutes I can break out the Earth Elemental and go solo some elite for a quest. I found out the hard way pretty early on that he needs to be monitored for regular heals, but the kid can hold some aggro! Knowing what quests are where, and how to get through them in an economical manner was really helpful here, too. My wife whispered me in-game at about 2:30 and said “I hope you aren’t trying for 70 tonight”, as in “come to bed, it’s late”. When she did, though – I was less than three bars from the Big Ding. Nope, I wasn’t about to stop. Just a quick jaunt on down to Kirin’Tor Village where any experienced player can crush out 7 or 8 quests in about 1/2 hour, and there it was!

  Elapsed /played time to 70: 7 days, 20 hours. Considering I scarcely saw any rested XP after about level 27, save for the 1-2 bars that would come while at work or asleep – I’m pretty pleased with my levelling speed.

  Happily, I was able to craft all 6 of the Epic pieces that I had slated for 70 beforehand and had them waiting for me in the Area 52 bank. The full Netherstrike set, Living Dragonscale Helm, Living Earth Shoulders and Hurricane Boots. Yes, I know that 4/6 are DPS pieces. Gemmed off-socket with Teardrop Living Rubies, though, they’re pretty serviceable healing pieces for now. Good Mana return, and a lot higher Spell Crit than most of my Shammy counterparts as a result, if slightly gimpy on heals. Besides, once I get proper pieces to replace them with, I can just turn around and re-gem for a soloing DPS set. I did come up short on the weapon slot though, just some crappy L70 green healy mace. No way I’m gonna spend any cash to enchant that (or any other mace, short of the drops from Maiden and Prince), and I still need to get the ring from the “Hitting the Motherlode” quest… but I’m at a comfy +1169 heals right away, easily increased by 70 points if I get my mitts on an Essence Focusser and do that quest. Plenty sufficient for Kara.

  So now, I’ve got 6 x 70s, and WotLK is just 2 months off. Part of me is questioning the wisdom of gearing much of anything, since it’s ultimately going to be quickly replaced in the expansion. I may be better served to get through the last 9 levels on my Paladin so that I’m ready at the starting blocks with a 7th max-level toon.  Levelling them all to 80, that’s going to be some kind of a monster. I’m thinking that I’ll focus exclusively on Ribby to get him to 80, learn the quests and get a feel for Northrend. Once he’s there, I’ll have the luxury of rotating through the rest and always playing in blue XP for the duration or the journey. Hoping to have all 7 to 80 by somewhere around March-April if possible, but we’ll see. I’m leaning heavily towards NOT levelling the Death Knight until the majority of my current toons are at 80, if only to avoid the inevitable questing traffic jams that are bound to happen as soon as we can roll ’em. I do have a slot reserved for one, though. Currently, that slot is holding the name “Gravedanger”, since I’m leaning Forsaken on mine (for aesthetics, if nothing else). However, should the lvl 22 Alliance Priest who has “Avery” (and whom, I might add, has not been online since January) choose to delete their toon and relinquish the name, I’d snap it up and make it a Blood Elf female. In case anyone is wondering, that’s the name my wife and I gave to our baby daughter, so, yeah… you bet she’d have to be a badass!

  Anyhow – vacation looms tomorrow, we’ll be travelling cross-country to Charleston, SC for my sister’s wedding… so no WoW til Sunday. Ness is fairly convinced that I can’t live without playing until then, which is kind of amusing. Given, I *do* play a lot at home – but mostly, I do so because it’s cheap. $15 a month for all the entertainment I’ll need, just buy me a few beers to help me along! Anyways, she keeps asking if we’re bringing the computer, and I keep saying “no, we aren’t”. I’m convinced that she’s expecting me to just throw the laptop in the car at the last minute.




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