Zangarmarsh: Point Break

6 09 2008

  Without a doubt, it does feel like I’ve hit that sweet spot in Outlands levelling now. I was able to get through nearly all of the Zangarmarsh quests (still have the “Leader of the Darkcrest” one left) in about 2 days’ worth of part-time work. realistically, as fast as I could get to the spots, or gather whatever was pertinent, I was done with the quests. Some prior ones that had represented a challenge or nuisance to one degree or other – “No More Mushrooms!”, “Us or Them”, “Message to the Daggerfen” and “The Biggest of them All” come to mind, largely on the nuisance ticket – were quests that I was able to roll over with ease. I think a large part of this relates to Shaman versatility – Water Breathing, Water Walking, heavy ranged damage + decent enough melee survivability – but all in all, it just seems like it’s getting easier. Some quests, such as the Sporeggar / Cenarion ones in the southeast part of the zone, were ridiculously easy. Shaman hax indeed.

  I think a major portion of this happened when I trained 62. Water Shield is positively delicious. It has almost doubled my totem-free MP5 rate, and I’m fairly certain that instance healing at this point should be much smoother than it was in the past as the mana return from it is by no means insignificant. Add to that, it costs ZERO mana to cast, and returns mana when you get hit… I’m in love. I need to develop the habit of renewing it after every time I loot a mob, though since I tend to be forgetful about that so far. I didn’t renew Lightning Shield much because I didn’t want to burn the mana and the results just weren’t worth it to me, so I’m just not in the habit. It did kind of get me thinking, with the interruption reduction talent on healing spells, that Water Shield may be the gateway to effectively soloing nearly any PVE elites that are similarly levelled in an endurance fight. My damage output may be limited to gimpy caster weapon swings and Flame Shock debuffs, or whichever Fire Totem is in play, but somewhere between all of that and the soon-to-be-arriving elementals, I’m feeling pretty good. If I can punk Nerubis in Netherstorm, I’m willing to declare victory on this front… which reminds me, casters!

  Caster elites are some kind of fun now. I hate hate hate them with Ribeye, since lots of armor doesn’t really do so much for shadowbolts, but somewhere between Grounding Totems, Earthshocks and War Stomps, it’s pretty fun to try and stay on top of interrupts. I was able to one-shot the “Leader of the Bloodcrest” quest with the caster naga because of this. Lightning Bolt – Lightning Bolt – LolEarthshock, GG naga. It was pretty satisfying. Nice to be able to disrupt those War of the Worlds Bog Walkers, too, or the fungal guys in Dead Mire, or the Marshfang Rippers… ok, I’m enjoying this too much. Definite win in Shamans.

  Raised a few eyebrows in /g today by declaring that Manchego would be ready to heal Heroics as soon as I ding 70.  🙂 Sure, it’s not like I’d have a full Kara / SSC Shaman set or anything, but I’ll be able to get plenty of good stuff crafted by then. I’m going to be doubling up with the Netherstrike set to start off since it’s really the best that’s available to me, though re-gemming it later will turn it into a fine Elemental set so I’m not particularly broken up about the sacrifice. Farming up the mats, there’s one part that doesn’t excite me too much. I made up a “to do” list for 70, and among the items still to procure:

  • 42 Primal Air
  • 36 Primal Mana
  • 72 Nether Dragonscales
  • 22 Wind Scales
  • 10 Primal Water
  • 6 Primal Nether

  So, yeah. I think that there’s 1-3 of most items there kicking around in my various banks, but most of that is gonna have to farmed. Hours on end of Hiltz flying around Nagrand in the roflcopter, looking for Windy Clouds that aren’t located in a borked location that won’t be changing until next server restart. Fun. Maybe I’ll just use the mining proceeds to buy the darn things and meet myself in the middle.

  …And that’s the runup to this weekend. *Just* landed in Terrokar Forest, started into Earthbinder Tavgren’s quests, but nearly everything else is open and I’m ~2/3 of the way to 64. I think that my previously stated “65 by the end of Sunday” is looking pretty realistic.




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