So, Outlands!

4 09 2008

  Hit 58 and moved up in the world over the weekend – and glad it was a 3-day, though I didn’t WoW night-and-day to level the Shammy, I managed a significant amount of playing time. She’s up to 62 now, just on the cusp of that Outlands break-point that you hit where all of a sudden, quests become less challenging and more a matter of ripping out the reqs as fast as you can.

  I’m really pretty surprised with her overall viability to date, but I’m finding that a number of quests – specifically, “Zeth’gor Must Burn!”, “The Demonic Scryer” and the Arrakoa ones south of Falcon Watch – are a lot smoother than I remember them being on any of the five toons that Preceeded her. Hiltz had a pretty easy go of most of them, I recall… Ribby probably would have too, but for the fact that I was levelling with a resto build (har har). Still, her versatility has been pretty amazing. I’ve healed Ramps and BF so far, despite only scratching the surface of the second-tier resto talents and possessing minimal true healing gear. Some issues with going OOM, but I’m sure that will improve as the levels pass by and I can get my mitts on more +MP5 gear. From a world standpoint, she’s getting pretty mashy with the damage numbers, too. I’m not very comfortable with her ability to go one-on-one with a similarly levelled elite at this point (though, Boglash is on the Horizon), but she has fared pretty well through questing. I’m interested to see what Zangarmarsh brings now that I’m just about done with my Outlands acclimation stage in Hellfire Peninsula.

  Managed to level the Paladin to 61 as well… the wife’s Mage recently got to Outlands, so we’re trying to quest together when the baby is down. Seems to be a very effective tandem, I consecrate ’em up and she AOEs ’em down! Not much of a sample size to work with to date since there really isn’t a lot of time when the baby permits us an hour or two to run, but very encouraging (but for my constant drinking!)

  Unofficial target at this point is to hit 65 by the time that I go to bed Sunday night. I’m making striking progress with Leatherworking, all the way up to 363. The last 12 points are a doozy, but I’m happy that I’ve made it that far already. It’ll be great to have a full-on heals set ready to go the moment I ding 70!




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