55: It’s not just for speed limits.

29 08 2008

  Alt powerlevelling continues as Manchego is now 3 short dings from being able to walk through the Dark Portal! Felwood is (mostly) tapped out now, and Un’Goro Crater has been most thoroughly ransacked… I think tonight will find me killing legions of Furbolgs until the Timbermaw guys like me enough to let me through to Winterspring. As I’ve said before, I’m really not too familiar with the zone, but I know that I’ll have 2 immediate turnins from Un’Goro stuffs, and a couple of others that are immediate available (and doable). I won’t be able to stack it and sweep it like I do Un’Goro, but I think that between Winterspring and Silithius, it’ll suffice.

  Still the matter of Thrallmar rep once I can get there, I’m going to try like heck to get into a Ramps group once I hit 57 and can be summoned. One or two runs through there, then maybe slip into a Blood Furnace group or two while I’m actively questing in Hellfire should be enough to vault me up to Revered for that head glyph. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of hitting Outlands this weekend.

  I didn’t get a whole lot done outside of wednesday night’s Un’Goro sojourn and the Felwood stuffs. Lots of sleeping lately, newborns will only give you so much time for that!




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