The Beat Goes On….

27 08 2008

  Shredded Jintha’alor last night as planned, things went much, much smoother than anticipated. I was a little bit leery of Vile Priestess Hex, what with her frog polymorph and all. Previously, coming through here solo on the Rogue and Paladin after everything was nerfed to non-elite status, I had issues with her polymorphing me and then whaling away while I sat helpless. The Rogue wasn’t such a big deal, as I could just burn her down with cooldowns and stuns before she could get it off. The Paladin? I think she got me once or maybe even twice before I was able to gut her.

  No such issues with the Shaman, though she did frog me the first time that I fought her, on the entry. I missed my Earthshock interrupt on a damage cast, so the Grounding Totem ate that and she promptly frogged me – but right as I got off another shock spell, so as soon as I got frogged, she ran away! By the time she decided to come back, I wasn’t a froggy anymore…. GG, Priestess. No issues on the way out, burned her down fast enough that she wasn’t able to do anything.

  So that more or less wrapped up Hinterlands for me, and (now that I was close enough, from a level standpoint, to handle level 55 Magus Rimtori safely) I moved on to Azshara for a quick sweep. For whatever reason, I always liked Azshara, though the amount of quests certainly leaves a lot to be desired. What’s available, though, is both easy to complete and ridiculously rewarding for the trouble. I was even fortunate enough to finally run across The Evalcharr, the rare spawn Chimera. Not that he dropped anything particularly rewarding this first go-round, but more that it’s just one more “been there, done that” check mark for me. I know there are still several rare spawns that I’ve never glimpsed in-game, but it’s one less today!

  Anyhow, Azshara was a breeze to clear; I wrapped up the Musiek questline in Feralas afterwards (another first!) and the Silithid Hive line in Tanaris, which leaves those two areas pretty well bankrupted for quests now. Before I had to log and come in to work, I had just deposited myself in Felwood to clear out a few of the more southerly quests there. I’m thinking that, when I get home tonight, I’ll blow out the quick and obvious ones there (including that goofy Feralas turnin) and get set for Un’Goro tomorrow.

  Un’goro is another of those regions that seems to be generally disliked by the masses, but I’ll tell ya what – I think it’s one of the best places to hang onto in your back pocket for a quick 2-3 levels in the 50’s. So many of the questlines there intertwine to an extent (and there’s nothing quite like killing one mob that can impact 2 or 3 different quests!), and the whole framework of the zone is reasonably tight and easy to work through. Maybe it’s the roving Devilsaur gank that scares people off, I don’t know… but I’ve always been a fan. I’m pretty confident that, between tonight and tomorrow morning, I’ll be looking at 54 by this time tomorrow. After that, things get a bit dicey for me in my whole levelling scheme. 

  I need to bridge the gap from mid-54 to 58; how to do so in the smoothest manner is what’s tough. Clearing out the majority of the remaining Felwood quests would put me to 55, with a healthy amount of what it takes to get to 56. From there? I don’t know… maybe Winterspring (though I confess, I’ve hardly quested there, ever). Maybe Silithius. I think as long as I can get a healthy bit into 57 I’ll be ok, as I plan to get in LFG at that point to find a Ramps group or two. If I want to get my mitts on the Thrallmar Rep head-slot glyph, then the Hellfire Peninsula quests are going to leave me just a bit short – and I *HATE* Shattered Halls. Thus, I’ll have to bang out a few runs for initial rep, or wait until I can get some Heroic Ramps groups. Not so appealing if you’re me. I don’t think instancing there at 57 will be an issue anyhow if I can round up some decent Outlands greens, what with the spell hit I get from totems and talents. Convincing a group to take on a 57, that might be a little tougher! I guess I’ll see what I can drag out of my Guild…

  So, things look to be well on their way, and I’ve got Outlands in my gun sights for this weekend! Still just barely over 4 days /played on this one, and there are a lot of gratuitous AFKs in there for baby breaks.. I’m pretty certain that I could tighten this up to about 3 1/2 days to get to this point, assuming no rested XP.




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