Productive Weekend

26 08 2008

  Well, productive is kind of a relative term, as I didn’t do much with anyone but Manchego this weekend, and had to bow out of Saturday Karazhan at the last minute… but I did make a lot of headway with the Shaman! Cleared out nearly everything in Tanaris and Feralas, plus a few holdovers from Stranglethorn Vale and a good start into The Hinterlands. All told, this was enough to vault me from level 42 all of the way up to level 49 in a relatively short amount of time played.

  Pleasantly surprised to see that Lightning Overload procs relate directly to the spell that was cast, as a Chain Lightning proc means a second Chain Lightning spell. Considering that I really only use it on pulls when I’m going to have to face multiple mobs anyhow, it’s wonderful to see that double dose up front. Makes it that much easier to lay down a Magma Totem after the fact and not worry about one of the baddies taking a shine to it and breaking it for me!

  I’m predominately a solo player when I’m levelling. Mostly, I can’t be bothered with the burden of sharing the item drops from quests (just try doing the “Natural Materials” quest in Feralas with a buddy, now you need *80* of those Metallic Fragments? Yikes!). Given that the killing speed for mob-downing quests improves, I just find myself annoyed more than anything. Take today for instance, I was picking up one of my few Tanaris quests that I have left, for the 5 bug parts out of the hive in the west. As soon as I got there, some level 45 Hunter asks me to join a group with him – and then asks me to rez him. I should have known right there, but I decided “sure, ok… for this quest”. Given that there are a bunch of level 50 mobs in that hive, and that doesn’t play so well as a level 45… maybe he should rethink his line of work. But, I went for it anyways, rez and all. We manage to kill through a couple 6 or 8 mobs, and it’s frustrating. He pulls when I have no mana. He seems intent on pulling the Swarmers (which are, ideally, the ones that you avoid). To make it worse, he melees. A lot. A Hunter.  As if that isn’t all enough, that he’s making me carry the load, and under duress with low mana at that – every time that one of the quest items (Centipaar Parts, I believe) drops – he nicks it! Finally, after a combat in which I take on (and take down) two of the Wasps at once, in which he couldn’t be bothered to assist me, but instead went off and pulled another – you guessed it – Swarmer, dragged it back to me (melee, of course), and then died, I had to be the jerk. I informed him that our business relationship was decidedly one-sided in its nature, and that he wasn’t doing anything but slow me down. So, I rezzed him again and left the group to bang it out solo, but you know what? I hate doing stuff like that, and damn if people aren’t always putting you in that spot.

  We’ve all heard it. “Run me through RFK”. “Run me through Mara” (lol). “Run me through BRD” (more lol). Help me do “Forge Camp: Annihilated”. It’s never the fun or easy stuff, it’s always some mind-numbing bastion of idiocy like Wailing Caverns. That’s probably why they ask in the first place, but it’s crummy to be placed in the position of refusal. Yes, I could run you. Yes, I’ve run people (albeit friends) before. And while I understand that “pls run me WC 5g” might be an outrageous cash outlay for your level 17 Orc Rogue main, it’s less than I can make in 5 minutes on QD. Time is a darn valuable commodity in WoW, and the more you extend yourself for charity like that, the less you can actually get done for yourself… and it gets depleted faster than you think. We’ve all had a day there where we get off on tangents, running a friend through wherever, helping someone pick up those (group) quests that are left in their log – and all of a sudden, it’s 5 hours later, and all the things you had planned to do for yourself are gone.

  So, there’s the line. Do you listen to all of the “Pls run me ____” whispers, or even a few of them, or just ignore em all? I mostly ignore ’em, and I’m sure that’s the majority opinion, but I still feel a bit guilty about it. Given that a fraction of those people, on denial of their request, will respond with something nasty for your disinterest – I still feel a certain urge to protect my personal server reputation. News flash fellas, your server is a smaller place than you think, and if you’re a jerk – it’ll get out fast. Pretty soon, it’s good luck finding a group for anything. That’s my dilemma. How do you protect your reputation and your time?

  Realistically, most of those “run me ____” types don’t have 70 mains, and if they do, well – they’re not the kind of 70’s that are going to be beneficial raiding partners, shall we say. Still, those same people tend to be Trade Channel Trolls, and getting flamed in /2, however deserving, isn’t my idea of fun. Anyhow, I’ll probably keep denying them and take my chances. The ones that ask for gold, though? They can still go to hell for all I care. I love telling ’em to go out and earn it like everyone else, just to see their response. It’s interesting when one actually seems to be interested in farming advice, but usually they just flame you in that endearing way that only a 14 year old can. WTB bigger ignore list.

  Anyhow, tonight I’ll sweep through Jintha’Alor and wreck those 5 or 6 quests there.. I think it might push me to 50 already! And to think, 10 days ago I was only 35, and I’ve had almost no rested XP to get through in that time. Maybe, with a little diligence, I can make Outlands by this (3-day) weekend?




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