So, I’m starting to feel moved-in here.

23 08 2008

  Well, now that I’m done with my initial madness about town, posting my character histories, links and whatnot, it’s probably a good time for me to introduce myself!

  My name is Brian, I’m a married, 33-year-old father of one with a jones for WoW.

  For some background on me ‘n the game, I started playing in December of 2006. WoW was something that I had been interested in trying out for a long time at that point, but I had never seriously entertained playing because I was more focused on finishing school. I’m one of those guys that dropped out of college somewhere around halfway, then came back 8 or 10 years later to finish what I’d started! Because I knew ahead of time that this would probably consume me, I purposely held out until I had nearly finished my Bachelor’s Degree.

  I have a long history of computer RPG playing, starting in the early 80’s with Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. I’ve played a number of games between then and WoW, including Bard’s Tale, Might & Magic, Ultima, Fallout, Diablo, Dungeon Siege… heck, I even beat Zork Zero. I guess that my point is, I’m definitely not new to the “RPG” part of “MMORPG”. The “MMO” part? Total noob. I was admittedly shy about that at first, since I’m not so keen on being gankbait. One of the big reliefs with WoW for me was the fact that I can play on my happy little carebear PVE server and not get bothered if I don’t want to be. Is it annoying that there are 6 Alliance 70s rampaging through Crossroads *AGAIN* and killing off quest givers, doing the funky chicken dance, or laughing their annoying Gnome laughs? Sure. Can I ultimately just wander off and do something else while they get their collective rocks off, then come back later and pick up where I left off? Yup – and that leads me to another point; from the beginning, one of the things that I’ve most loved is that I never run out of projects.

  I suppose that having as many alts as I do certainly helps to ensure that outcome, but there are precious few times when I can say that I’ve more or less “hit the wall” on something, and maxxed it out according to my goals. Profession hit 375? Now go get all the recipes. Levelled the Rogue to 70? Cool, go level the Warlock. I’ve certainly set myself on a path that requires more than a passing dedication, but it’s worth it to me. As it stands right now, I can bring a capable toon in almost any role that the raid might require. Tank? Check. Ranged DPS? Which one? Melee DPS? Want the Druid or the Rogue? Heals? Well, let me respec the tank, but… check! (I’m working on that one!)

  It’s nice that I’m self-reliant on professions too. I cut my own gems, make my own pots, tailor my own goodies… if I could only enchant my alts’ BoPs, I’d be set! Really, though, I’ve never been a player who was short on money. I remember Toro hitting 40 and 60, and being one of the only people that I knew who could afford their lvl 60 mount the moment I dinged. That was a point of pride for me. Since then, I’ve always been able to afford the things that I need in-game, and then some. It’s even gotten to the point now where I can be charitable about it and give away blues, even epics to help out Guildies.

  At some pie-in-the-sky point, it was my personal WoW goal to get a 70 from each class. With 80 coming up as the new 70, that’s getting to be an even taller order that it used to be, but (now that I think about it!) I’m really not that far off. With the exception of a Priest, I’m an aggregate 69 levels (as of this writing, though that will change by Monday) from having *8*, level 70 characters.


  I hadn’t taken the time to add that up in a while, honestly… exempting Derting in favor of the higher-levelled warrior, that’s (70*5)+60+42+39=491 total levels. Anyways, the point is – and here’s where it all makes sense on some level – it’s a lot to manage. Too many alts.

  The downside to having as many toons as I do is, someone winds up getting neglected. If I were one of those guys who has one, two 70s and that’s it… I’d probably be into a BT-level Guild. Well, OK… that’s also kind of assuming that I had enough available playtime to meet the raiding requirements, yadda yadda yadda, but you get the picture. There’s a darn large amount of /played time across my account for the gearing that I’ve got. Still it’s good enough for me to enjoy just about any part of the game that I’ve tried, and that’s fine by me.

  Finally, a send-up for my Guild. I’m a proud member of <Mediocrity in Motion> on the Skywall server. MiM is, refreshingly, a Guild that is made up of predominately older players (most of us are mid 20’s to late 30’s, I think), with a laid-back mentality about raiding that makes everyone feel welcomed. The downside is, it does kind of preclude us from the Hyjal-level stuff at this point. The upside to it, though, is a Guild where nobody is keeping track of how often you raid, dictating your spec, or telling you “You can’t has raid” because your gear is marginal (in most cases). It’s a good place for medium-serious guys (and gals) to learn.

  And with that, I’m done with my shift for the night, so I’ll post and sign off… back Monday to start into this endeavor with a purpose!




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