Welcome to ‘My Little Corner of The Internets’!

22 08 2008

  Yes, it’s yet another WoW blog. These things take time and dedication, I know, but it’s my sincere hope that I can make this thing useful in some manner, for somebody – or even a few somebodies. It’s something that I’ve decided to undertake during my free time at work, because a) I have a lot of free time, b) I love to play WoW and c) I’m pretty fond of writing as well.

  Right up front, I’m happy to admit that I know absolutely nothing about playing Alliance. I’m Horde all the way through, currently sitting (quite comfortably, thank you!) at my 10-toon cap on the Skywall (US-PVE) server. That 10 *does* include a placeholder for my Death Knight toon – someday – in addition to (almost) every other class. Maybe someday I’ll find the patience to level a Priest….

  So, since we’re getting to know each other, I’ll introduce you to the Rogues’ Gallery that is my little virtual Horde Family (via page tabs at the top of this page)…




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